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    Question computer started having problems last night with chrome mostly

    so my computer started having problems since last night i dont know what to do i already restarted and updated and googled and anything i could think of so its like this i tried to install an app and it showed me the usual its from outside windows store and i tried to click to install anyway...
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    so many motherboard options!!

    Can anyone please suggest a great motherboard for me? I will be using it mainly for gaming but will be running other office type applications. I will be using the Phantek Enthoo Primo case and will be running dual 1080's in SLI and probably watercooling both cpu and gpu's. I do want a board...
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    Newb Question About Liquid cooling Compatibility

    I'm thinking about buying a new case and mobo soon, so that I can overclock my FX 8300 processor. I just wanted to know what the best case would be for an H100 liquid cooler? and would the MSI 970 Gaming be a decent motherboard for me to use?