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    Discussion Netgear R6800, Access Control and peripheral devices no longer able to connect to the internet - For Info

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this just in case someone else has this problem in future. I'm no network geek and still have no idea why/what happened but this is what I know. I had a Netgear R6800 hooked up to a cable modem and run a smart home, so lots of Azetch/Solwise powerlines, multiple...
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    Question Only one of my Wi-Fi connections disapears at random only on my PC

    My router outputs two connections the normal one and a much inferior (At my range at least) 5G connection up until a few days ago I used the normal connection on my computer until it started to randomly disconnect and the connection would disappear from the wifi list but only on my computer all...
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    Question Laptop WiFi not connecting to some specific hotspot

    Recently my laptop wifi is not connecting to some specific mobile(iPhone 6s) hotspot. My mobile hotspot is connecting to other laptops and mobile but when i try to connect from my laptop it's starts showing connection is taking longer than usual and then not connection...even it's not showing...
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    Possible bad on-board sound card?

    First of all, specs: Gigabyte Windforce OC 1070 i5 6600k @4.5GHz 16gb ddr4 @2400mhz Gigabyte Z170 HD3P So, on the the story. Over the past 6 months I've had about 3 headsets die, all started off with sometimes not working in the right ear, then not working on the right side at all...