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    Question Help! Hard Drive not detected in bios, but if rebooted is does

    My problem started a few weeks back. When I boot my computer it sometimes gets stuck on the "press del to enter BIOS window" screen and won't start. If I then enter my BIOS it can't dectect my harddrive. If I then exit the BIOS my computer will boot to windows on function normally expected that...
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    Question HDD Not being detected

    SO I just built a new PC and everything's been going great so far, except when I went to file explorer I noticed my 2 TB Seagate HDD wasn't shown, just my SSD. No big deal, I open disc manager and didn't see it the HDD. So I looked online for tutorials on how to fix it but to no avail. I've...
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    Question 2nd HDD not showing up in BIOS or disk management after installing new SSD?

    My 2nd HDD is not detected in BIOS or disk management anymore. This has occured after installing a new M.2 SSD. The SSD has been recognised by both disk management and BIOS but i cannot find the 2nd HDD anymore. The hard drive itself is still working and ive tried unplugging and plugging back...
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    Question My hard drive is detectable with almost all partitions but not bootable or accessible

    Hi, I have a z77a-g45 motherboard, with a i3 3220, my pc was working fine gpu cpu hdd and so one the it froze I thought it was a system lag or something like that but nothing worked I restarted it and it rebooted normally I logged into windows and some minutes after it froze again tryed...