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  1. Ryzane

    Question Is my CPU or my MB defective?

    So I recently ran into a rather big issue with my PC... I tried to restart it, after not doing anything unusual, and ever since, whenever I try to start it, the power turns on, the fans start spinning, the components with lighting light up and then... nothing. No video output, no power turning...

    Question Not posting with dual RAM

    My PC is still new built with Ryzen 5 3600x 2 16Gb DDR 4 RAM and when I first used it, it worked fine. However, ever since i done an update it stopped posting. I realised it was my RAM and so I investigated. The PC posts with 1 RAM but if i put the second it doesn't post anymore. It's not the...
  3. jOSHPRICE222

    Question Why is my pc randomly crashing.

    OK i know its a motherboard memory issue i have an Asrock z170 exreme4 atx motherboard about 2 years ago my pc would constantly crash so i decide to remove 2 sticks of ram and put the ram in channels b1 and b2 as opposed to a1 and b1 this fixed it completely and I hadn't had any problems until...
  4. Y

    Question Was cleaning my pc with a electric blower now its not posting (Monitor not displaying)

    Hey, Really need your help I have had this pc over 2 years or more now 2 days ago I ended up cleaning my pc with an electric blower removed my graphic card and ram first before doing so but now my PC will not give a display to my monitor and yes I'm 100% sure the monitor is perfectly fine. Here...
  5. Baatop

    Question Getting further with troubleshooting but ran into new problem after BIOS update

    I’ve made other post on here about my build I’m working with and I’ve gotten a lot further since then. specs Mobo-B450-A-PRO Gpu-ROG 1660 super 6gb Ram-trident z 3600hz Cpu-Ryzen 5 3600 PSU-EVGA 750 GOLD Modular I just updated the bios and now the EZ-DEBUG lights go down to the VGA and don’t...
  6. P

    Question New build won’t post. Think it’s the motherboard

    Hey guys, I recently built an AMD PC. Here is the pc part picker list. after I built it I was able to get it to boot and was running through the windows 10 usb install when the computer turned off. After that I wasn’t able to get it to post...
  7. carson_e

    [SOLVED] GPU fan not spinning, won’t post, no signal, everything receiving power

    So, after cleaning out my PC via compressed air from an air compressor, all of the stuff in the title is happening. I have reset the CMOS via jumper and removing the battery. I have taken everything out and put it back in. I have tried running it without any memory and it doesn’t beep. I have...
  8. M

    Question PC does not post but beeps if the RAM is removed

    I gave my old PC to my little brother a while ago with no issues whatsoever. He did try to clean it last weekend and after he put it back together he got the MEMOK error and told me he did try to reset or whatever the CMOS battery but with no success. I took a look recently and probably in the...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] Msi gaming plus max b450 does not run ryzen 5 2600

    My brother just recently finished his Ryzen build with the specs as follows Motherboard : MSI gaming plus max b450 Graphics Card : MSI GTX 1660ti 6gb CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 Ram : 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3200mhz Power Supply : Corsair 430 watts SSD : Samsung 250GB The Computer will...
  10. S

    Question PC seems to boot up, but my monitor is blank and my peripherals don't light up

    Ok, so basically, wanted to boot up my PC a few days ago, and at first, it sounded like everything was fine. The fans started, the power LED lit up, everything sounded right. Not sure about my SSD, but I definetly heard my second hard drive (HDD) running. Everything did not look right. My...
  11. J

    Question Cpu fan briefly spins then stops, not posting

    Hi there, i know this isn't what this sub is intended for but just wondering if anyone can help me out I just upgraded my PC's GPU, CPU and PSU. after installing what was needed on my motherboard i booted it up outside the case on a box like usual, all mobo lights work and i can power the...
  12. P

    Build Advice PC won't turn on properly - NEED HELP

    I tried building a pc for the first time. When I press the power on button on the case the fans spin for a second, my phone can charge through the usb for a second and so forth. I know the motherboard is receiving power because the RAM will light up. The three pin PSU cable that came with the...
  13. O

    [SOLVED] New PC not Posting help plz!

    I just built my first PC and got it up and running. Windows was doing a update and the monitor, mouse, and keyboard was off when I came back to check on it. The computer would not post anymore when I turn the PC on. Everything lights up and powers on but I have no power to mouse or keyboard and...
  14. U

    [SOLVED] Gaming PC will not post with my GPU seated in the first PCIe slot

    I ran into some issues recently were my computer won't post with the graphics card in the primary PCIe slot. When I first had this issue, I looked online and followed advice to remove the battery and put it back in the motherboard and that worked, for a while. But now whenever I turn it on with...
  15. S

    Question Gskill Trident Z RAM crashing computer and not posting.

    Hello. So I was playing games the other day and for some reason my computer froze in place mid game and unresponsive. I found this odd but this stuff happens so I just restarted the computer. The screen wouldn't turn on, the PC would start, idle then restart and the loop that over and over. Let...
  16. L

    Question GPU not posting

    so i got a GPU from a friend it's a msi r6970 lightning 2GB for him it worked perfectly, but when i put it in my PC it wouldn't post but the fans would spin full throttle, first i thought it was my motherboard i went on the internet and it turns out that my motherboard wasn't compatible with my...
  17. D

    Question HELP! Newbie Alert.

    Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX x470-f Gaming CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: Sapphire Nitro + 8gb Ram: 16gb (2×8gb) 2400mhz Storage: Crucial MX500 M.2 SATA SSD & 2tb Toshiba 7200rpm HDD PSU: Thermaltake 850w 80 + Bronze RGB Modular Fans: 6× PcCooler RGB HSP Fans Case: Phanteks Eclipse P400 I originally...
  18. V

    Question HD 7990 posts in safe mode

    So i came across a HD 7990 in fb marketplace that the seller claims it Black screens after driver install and it only posts in safe Mode or with one gpu turned off. Could someone know what the issue is? I would like to buy and use it
  19. J

    PC is not posting, I have literally tried everthing can anyone help me?

    I had this problem previously when the pc did not have any power for about half a day or something like that. The fix that always worked then was reinserting ram a few times. It's doesn't seem to do the magic n I have been trying for about 2 days now. All the fans and lights are working. I'm...
  20. E

    fan spinning but no disply

    i have gtx 1060 6 gb exoc and i m facing proble like ni disply fan is spinning and h110 mobo i5 7400 processor 8 gb ram and 500 watt psu so guyz plz help