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  1. D

    Question my external drive reads usb-c to usb-a but not usb-c to usb-c

    my external drive is a nvme ssd in a usb-c enclosure. it reads fine with usb-c (drive side) to asb-a (computer side) but not usb-c double ends in my laptop. ive picked up several different usbc both ends type cable to try to solve and it just wont read. what am i missing?
  2. D

    Compatible, best response computer

    Hi, I would like to hear from you what would be the best buy MB for my i5 4430 processor, memory Kingston 2*4GB, having in mind that I am not gamer, only what I want is speed (best response) and silence. I had Asrock B85 Pro4, which is burnt now. As 2. I would like to change CPU cooler...
  3. C

    is this a good gaming pc?

    Logisys CS308RD Red/Black Steel ATX Case AMD Athlon II 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor/CPU ASRock N68-GS4 FX AM3+ Motherboard 4GB(1x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory/RAM 160GB 7200Rpm SATA Hard Drive DVDROM/DVD Reader Drive GeForce GT 720 1GB GDDR3 VGA/HDMI/DVI Video Card
  4. Mr. Koaliti

    Microphone always repeating?

    Whenever I speak into the mic it repeats the sound back into my headphones, it only recently started doing this and idk how to stop it. Help?