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  1. X

    Question New Windows 10 install not recognised in BIOS boot options or Windows Repair tool

    Hi all, I've recently upgraded my system (pretty much all new bar the GPU and storage) and performed a fresh install of Windows 10 on an old SSD. I have 2 other drive in the system, one of which had my old Windows 10 install on it so I could transfer files after the fresh install. After the new...
  2. L

    Question Some Games does not recognise any of my Controllers

    So this problem only applies to some games such as DC universe Online,Sekiro,Borderlands 2 so far. But the weird thing is that all other games such as for example Resident Evil 2,Injustice2,etc all works perfectly fine. I've tried to go wired and for sekiro and DCUO and it still doesn't work...
  3. K

    touch pad not

    When I started my laptop,touchpad isn't work while keyboard is okk and I have an account with password bt isn't typing password bcoz touchpad is not working plz help me?
  4. Fallonite

    DVD Drive Sometimes Reaches Device Buffer of 100%

    Hello, Lately, my DVD drive has been acting strange. When burning a file in IMGBurn, it will sometimes get to 100% Device Buffer, and it is stuck there. Is there a software that I can download to test the condition of my DVD drive? I don't want to buy a new one unless I have to. Thanks!
  5. G

    Need help with new build please

    So im building a pc right now, dont laugh at my outdated parts please Intel core 2 quad q8400 Intel dp45sg mobo 4 gb PNY ddr3 ram Evga gtx 550 ti 2 gb Some generic iso corp 300w psu Cooler master hyper t2 cooler Pny 120 gb ssd 500 gb hdd I still have a lot to learn about computers. What I...
  6. N

    rise of tomb raider stuck at 38-41 fps no matter what settings even after removing 2nd 980 ti from case.

    please help. no matter what i do i cant get 60fps which doesnt make any sense at all with a 980 ti and a 6700k
  7. L

    Dedicating more RAM to graphics

    I have an msi Sli krait edition 97s motherboard, with 8 gb 1866mhz RAM and a gddr5 2gb sapphire r9 270 And I was wondering If there is a way to dedicate more of my system ram to my graphics. As I only use 2gb on my system generally but my graphics struggles with some games.
  8. D

    Someone please help me !!!!

    my headphone was running fine until when I downloaded the Razer surround then he just stopped working the headphones are perfect over the microphone does not
  9. RJ_gamingBoss

    Microphone always repeating?

    Whenever I speak into the mic it repeats the sound back into my headphones, it only recently started doing this and idk how to stop it. Help?
  10. D

    upgrading/fixing old computer

    So I decided to fix my old desktop computer. the motherboard was broken. I just want the computer to work and play most games at the minimal spec, with the least budget. The old(broken) motherboard was MSI K9N4 I was thinking about...