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    [SOLVED] Memory says 8GB ram but have 16GB installed. Why?

    I purchased a Boxed Intel® NUC Kit, NUC7i7HVK and it only recognizes one stick of ram. So my question here is how to troubleshoot to figure if it's the ram or the system or software possibly? Here is what I've done so far: I removed both and reinserted both, no change only says i have 8gb ram. I...
  2. V

    Question Lap top under warranty's Gpu shuts off, service shop convinced its a software issue just returned it

    Im pretty sure the GTX 1050 in that lap top is acting up and they could be sure about that if they just swap it. When i met up with the person there he said that a 1050 is too old for warzone, but first he didn't know what warzone was and i checked, that's false. He told me he'd run some...
  3. S

    Question M.2 not recognized by Windows 10

    Hi, I bought a second M.2 (Crucial P5) for my build but Windows won't recognize the drive. I haven't installed anything on it, just plugged it into the port on the motherboard. In BIOS it will show up under boot priority. In Windows, however, the drive is not displayed in Explorer. I also...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Dell Latitude E5570 not recognizing battery

    Hi everybody! I have a weird problem at the moment, i had a battery gone bad and it wouldn't charge anymore. I decided to change the battery with a random aftermarket one at first and it seems it didn't work as well. So the new battery was sent back under warranty and i got a new one that has...
  5. A

    Question NVMe M.2 not recognized in B450M/AC bios

    As the title says, I have an ASRock B450M/AC motherboard, I have a Crucial M.2 (verified it is NVMe) it won't recognize in the BIOS, I updated the BIOS to the most current, 1.90 Motherboard: ASRock B450M/AC SSD: Crucial P1 NVMe M.2 (1TB) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X GPU: GTX 1650 Super RAM: Corsair...
  6. T

    Question [Tech Support] Mainboard can't recognize CPU after traveling

    Today I had just finished moving my PC to another house on an 8-hour drive. When I reached my destination and connect everything up, the monitor does not recognize any signal and when I look at the MB, the cpu light flashes which means that the MB does not recognize the cpu. So, I tried...
  7. H

    Case Fan Splitter/CPU Cooler - Both say to connect to CPU Fan on mobo

    1st time builder here. Motherboard: Asus Strix Z270E- Gaming Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower. CPU Cooler: Phanteks ph-tc12dx. The case came with a fan splitter on the back that can hold up to 6 fans and is powered by a SATA on the PSU. I currently have 4 fans connected to the case...
  8. M

    Galax GTX 10 Series cheaper because of performance drop? or cheap because of lower out of box clocks?

    So as the title says, just wondering if the Galax graphics cards are cheaper for a certain reason? If its clock speed, cooling, noise or just plain performance? Im in Australia and the prices are somewhat significantly cheaper than other brands. Thanks in advance
  9. T

    Is this OVERCLOCK NORMAL for a 1080?

    I decided I wanted to overclock my card properly, since first time i did it, it was quite sloppy. First off my card is a GTX 1080 MSI Gaming X. I've found that its pretty stable at 2126Mhz core clock (running in heaven benchmark). That's 149 of added core clock. Now I'm onto the Memory clock...
  10. G

    Choosing a good PSU

    These are the specs of the upcoming build .... Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming M7 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake Quad-Core 4.0 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 Cooling: CorsAir Hydro Series H110i PSU: CorsAir HX750i SSD: Intel 540s Series M.2 80mm 1TB SATA III HDD: WD Blue...
  11. itsonlydanny

    Installing Windows 10 Pro from a USB stick - no luck

    Hi, Just tried installing Windows 10 Pro 64-bit from a USB stick (Patriot Supersomic Rage 32GB) - but no luck. Yes, I altered the 'boot priority' settings but that does not appear to have helped. I currently have a dual-boot setup, with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Windows XP Home 32-bit...
  12. 0

    Is the lenovo e465 good?

    I am looking for a decent all around laptop, that is affordable, portable with anti-glare display that will last me about 10 years. I found a Lenovo E465 laptop that fits the bill, its has an anti-glare display and is much portable than my 5.6 lbs Samsung laptop that i use to carry it also...
  13. R

    is the difference between i3 4160 and i5 4460 significant?

    i want to build a nice gaming PC and i want to cut the price down will it be a major change between the 4160 and 4460? I inted to mostly for entertainment and for school. the other parts if you want to know will be: -GPU: Evga GTX750 Ti 2GB -HHD: Western DIgital Caviar blue 500GB -MoBo: Asus...