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  1. fabimetal

    Question Second GPU not turning on after Windows update (22H2)

    Hi, I wish you can help me with this weird issue. I just downloaded the new Windows 11 Pro version 22H2, installed it and after the pc restarted I noticed my second gpu was not turned on, so I decided to turn off the pc and when I turned it on, the secondary gpu fans didn't start spinning...
  2. Suitlax

    [SOLVED] PC wont run for more than two seconds?

    Hello, So I just got all the parts in to build an new pc and once I was almost done with the build, the PC wouldn't run for more than two seconds. I tried troubleshooting everything but the CPU because I don't have another intel i5 6400 skylake. I'm thinking the reason to why its not running is...
  3. R

    Question Applications won't run

    I have this problem where some apps won't install,uninstall and run they were working fine before, the applications were : Tunnel bear and Razer synpase
  4. M

    [price check] Two HP Pavilion Laptops

    I am looking for some help determining asking prices for each of these laptops so I can sell them as I am looking to buy a newer laptop. I have read the forum rules/sticky and will do my best to adhere. HP Pavilion dv7-6195us HP Pavilion...