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  1. Nayr922

    Question Fans not spinning even at higher temps

    MB: MSI x570 MPG CPU: 5600x GPU: Gigabyte 1060 3gb (waiting for 30 series) The GPU fans will spin at first like they should and then turn off. I have MSI afterburner that has fans spinning always, and even without that the fans won't spin and eventually it reached 95° C and still no fan spin...
  2. B

    Question Hard drives not spinning

    I built a PC that just utilizes a 250GB SSD and wanted to add some extra storage to it. I purchased a BarraCuda 2 TB hard drive and installed it using the same SATA power cable that connects to the SSD (there are 3 heads on the cable). At first, the HDD light on my chassis would flicker when I...

    [SOLVED] ASUS PRIME Z270-A won’t boot up

    My PC doesn’t start running. No fan spinning. I only see the PWR_LED shows a green light. I think it should be working since all lights are green and there’s no red or orange light. Tried CMOS reset and removed its battery for a little while but no success. Also removed all PCIe cards and...
  4. Z

    help with cortana please, she has no voice?

    when i type in the search box and talk to her that way, she only responds with text and no speech/voice do i have to have a mic/headphones for voice to work that way? if so is there anyway i can get around that and force speech on? i have a gaming headset, and when i plugged that in and...
  5. A

    i7 4770 run FSX or FS2004 for youtube with 4GB of RAM

    hello guyz i HAVE actually bought i7 4770 3.4 Ghz .. so my question is that can i run youtube quality videos ON FSX high settings or on FS2004 on max settings with PMDG, Mega Airports, AES, ULTIMATE TERRAIN,REX and ULTIMATE TRAFFIC ... i would also recommend to upgrade my ram to 8GB!!!!!!
  6. P

    Value build for gaming under 1200$ budget

    Hi guys i would very much appreciate your input about this build. Going for a gaming build max fps as i can get on a budget. Maybe looking to OC a tad bud not really ambitions in that regard. 1200$ although i'm buying this in Denmark so there might be some differences regarding cost and what's...
  7. N

    taking apart Hanns-G 28" monitor case

    Gents: My 28" Hanns-G monitor has the notorius flicker problem ... PS bad caps no doubt. On UTUBE I see detailed instructions for replacing the caps, but I have found only vague hand-waving ... **no** detailed step-by-step instructions for taking apart the Hanns-G 28" monitor case to get...