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Forum discussion tagged with notbooting.
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    Question PC not booting up - can faulty CPU cause ram to not work?

    Firstly, here is my build: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/4Stra/saved/#view=CwZRvK The problem all started when my motherboard got fried by a nearby lightning strike (PC had a surge protector but the router it was connected to didn't...) and basically I knew for sure the mother board wasn't...
  2. P

    Question Ryzen cpu upgrade won’t boot

    So I recently bought Ryzen 5 3600x for an upgrade and the installation went perfect. But, as I went to turn it on the screen stays black. all rgb light are on except for the power button, the fans are spinning except the gpu fans. yes the mobo is fully updated and supports the new cpus mobo...
  3. L

    Question Does anybody know the problem of my pc ? Not booting.

    I installed all my parts into my pc and when I turned it on, all of the fans started to spin, including the 2 fans on the graphics card, but the monitor says no signal and nothing booted. I tried another monitor but it also did not boot. Then I tried to put my father's graphics card (Gainward GT...
  4. K

    Question Weirdest BSOD errors ever.

    This all began yesterday morning. I ran a game of Re2. Played for a minute. Blue screened. Thought it was just a OS corruption so I plugged in my USB that has windows 10 on it. Reformatted my ssd and installed Windows. All worked fine until about 10 hours later. Played a bit of squad and got off...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] Nothing wrong but wont boot/fire up?

    Hi I recently bought pc components for the first time in my life and i am very excited but theres one problem it wont start . I have Mobo: B450m DS3H Ram: 1x hyper X 8 gb DDR4 3000MhZ PSU: Corsair CX550M GPU: RX580 8gb pulse CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g and some old hp case now the case front panel...
  6. D

    PC Blackscreening constantly.

    My computer just black screens out of nowhere i have no idea how to fix this. I have a ryzen 5 1600 and gtx 1060 with 8g of ram and it black screens while im gaming and it has never happened until recently ive tried cleaning all the dust out it didnt work and im lost not sure what to do. Please...