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  1. jacob68

    Question Weird pump RGB LED issue Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

    Okay, not the end of the world, but this behavior suddenly started a few days ago and I cant figure it out. Specs and setup, trying to make it brief: Asus rog strix Z390 E-gaming mobo. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R. Built a new system 3 weeks ago including the above. The led connectors from...
  2. A

    Question Which CPU cooler should i get?

    Hey, im planning to upgrade my PC but im a complete noob when it comes to PCs. My goal is to overclock the cpu to 4.8 Ghz. I would like to get some recommendations. -Motherboard: ASUS STRIX Z390-H or MSI Z390 Gaming EDGE AC -Cooler: ? -GPU: MSI GTX 960 4GB -CPU: Intel i5 9600k -PSU: FSP Hyper...
  3. Info I'm getting same speed from USB 2.0 , USB 3.0 and USB 3.1

    I'm getting same speed from USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 from my Transcend's StoreJet 25M3 portable hard drive PC Spec: Intel i7 6700k gigabyte z170x gaming 3 SSD ADATA SU800NS38 HDD WDC WD10EZRX-00A3KB0 RAM g.skill Ripjaws v ddr4 12GB(8+3) graphics card Nvidia GTX 960 4GB
  4. M

    Question Pre-wiring for tv and internet

    About to start building a house , it will be on a slab , bricked and the walls will be spray insulated. Now what i think i would like is to have two rg6 cables from outside run up conduit in the wall and down in a closet , and here is where i'm not sure what kind of equipment i need to go ahead...
  5. [SOLVED] 3 PC, 1 Keyboard + mouse reccomendation?

    So i was trying to look around for an device that let me connect up to 3 pc's (2 Desktop and 1 laptop to be precise), but i only could find a 2 device 1 keyboard + mouse usb sharing device anyone knows a 3 pc, 1 keyboard + mouse sharing device? here is what i mean, but with 3 computers
  6. W

    Question GTX 1060/1070 fitting into the Asus P8P67 deluxe MOBO ?

    I want to upgrade my GC Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 currently installed on an Asus p8p67 deluxe MB. It's not for gaming but for photoediting using the Topaz AI software which makes use of machine learning and thus is very demanding with regard to VRAM. I'm thinking of a Double GTX 1060 (6 GB) or 1070...
  7. T

    Question After GPU OC I have a monitor glitch.

    So yesterday I have been overclocking my GPU a bit, everything seemed fine, but today after I started PC again I noticed some glitching in my Chrome. I managed to capture the glitch on screencap. When checking the frame I realized chrome is disappearing for a split second and showing the windows...
  8. theoutragist

    Question HP Omen with Windows 10 Freezing when exporting video.

    I have a relatively new Hp Omen 870 with a clean install of Windows 10. I bought it looking to get more into video editing and have a faster rig for recording music. The other day I downloaded OpenShot recommended from an online article and got to editing some recent footage I've shot. It's 1080...
  9. J

    Question Monitor doesn't connect to laptop when the HDMI is connected between them

    This has been absolutely puzzling me and everyone I have asked for the past day so I thought I'd come on here and see if I could get some help. Recently when I tried to play a game my monitor went black and act as if nothing was connected to it. Since then, my monitor has either not connecting...
  10. J

    Question Upgrade from 1060 to 1660?

    So I have a 1060 right now. But it's the crappy 3 gig version and I am noticing problems with newer games thanks to the limited VRAM. I only game in 1080p and I don't care about ray tracing so I am not really interested in paying a premium for an RTX card. Would it make sense for me to buy...
  11. L

    Question Desktop won't output to monitor, will to TV

    Just built this thing and it outputs to my TV but not to the monitor I just bought. Wondering if it's possibly a driver thing or an issue with the monitor itself (I just bought it) and what I could do to troubleshoot this.
  12. D

    Question Is my cpu too cold?

    I got a new cooler for my amd fx-8350 and my idle temperatures range from 8° to 20° depending on the temperature of my room. Is that too cold?
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Installing a M.2 SSD but keeping the HDD for storage

    I bought a M.2 SSD that I want to install on my laptop and use as the primary drive. I want to keep my HDD for storage. I have researching on how to do this and I think it should be pretty easy but I am confused on what to do about the windows I have currently installed on the HDD. I don't...
  14. SPECOPS70

    Question USB controller/vendor?

    hello all. having some issues with my 3rd oculus sensor not responding. it is recommended that two of the sensors are on 3.0 and one on 2.0 which is what i am doing. but i keep getting a yellow circle with an exclamatin point letting me know it is not scanning. so i reached out to support and...
  15. Iniaskle

    Question Wrong PSU for RX 570

    Hi there, I made a very stupid mistake,it's my brother's birthday so i ordered him an rx 570 that needs a 1 x 6 pin, guess what his psu doesn't have that. what is a recommended psu that is NOT expensive with not expensive i mean under 55 euro's. This is his psu right now, it's a terrible one...
  16. S

    Question Performance in fortnite low settings while streaming with i7/rx

    My I7-6700hq gets 100FPS consistently without dropping unless im in an intense area or build fight, so going by that, will I be able to get 200FPS with an 8086k mildly oc'd on a 120mm aio with a rx 580? And will I be able to stream at 100FPS Consistently? Or would It be worth it to drop to an...
  17. taimoorbaig382

    Question Using GPU On 2nd PCIEx16

    Hello! I just bought an used Asus B85M-E Motherboard. I assembled my PC and tried running it. But i was facing NO POST ISSUE! So i tried removing my GPU from first PCIEx16 slot and placed it on second PCIEx16 slot and PC went fine! Before this all, i also faced NO POST ISSUE when my single stick...
  18. M

    Question Innovation Cooling Graphnite Thermal Pad

    Hi, anybody has experience with this thermal pad? How is its performance compared with the Noctua NT-H1 and Kryonaut? I am using i9-9900K.
  19. FoXonicate

    PC crash so much on certain video game

    HI guys. this is my Pc spec: CORE i5-6500 RAM 16gb GTX 1050 ti 4gb Asus h170 pro gaming motherboard PSU cosair vs650 Now here's my problem , I bought Overwatch and rainbow 6 siege a while back but I can barely play them due to my PC crashing almost every time I play these two game (by Crashing...
  20. joshhmusic

    Question HP Computer: Burning Smell + 4-beep Code with Red Light

    Hi, I googled the problem to no avail. I started my HP Z420 PC after a while and it ran fine for about 10 minutes. It suddenly shut off and started a continuous 4-beep code with a red light. On top of that, there was a plastic-y burning smell coming from the PC. The next time I tried to start...