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  1. Gatorade878

    Question Bsod Error

    When I Try to Turn On my Laptop it doesn't turn on and displays A BSOD error. Sometimes It also shows a Checksum error
  2. WarrenCKC

    Question Help. PC does not turn on.

    Hi. My power supply exploded and I bought a new one. Connected all the cables to the power supply and when I switch it on, some indicative lights on my motherboard lights up. However, when I turn on the PC, it does not start. As you can see on the video, it looks like it gets some power for a...
  3. ChrisRTX3090LOLLL

    Question MSI Motherboard not booting, not even into the bios.

    So I purchased an MSI A78m-e45 AMD Board and running an A8 5600k on it. It's only booted twice since I ever got it. That time where it booted was when I put the ram in b2 and it booted, then when I shut it off knowing it works, another day, I tried turning it on and it would boot. All the fans...
  4. C

    Question Everything plugged in but wont start

    I have everything plugged in but for some reason it wont show on the screen. This is my second time building a pc, I've basically just switched all the parts out and kept the same case. I need to install windows 10 onto my computer but it wont even load up the bios. Please help! Pictures of my...