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  1. 1

    Graphics card not showing

    So i just installed windows xp, i don`t know what graphic card i have, dxdiag shows NA and desktop>properties>settings>advanced>adapter shows blank... I would love to update my drivers, but i don`t know the manufacturer of the graphics card, and device manager doesn`t show any display adapter...
  2. DaronMal

    What memory should I go for?

    Im building a computer ( ) and I'm trying to tweak the setup, and I noticed that maybe I could do something with my memory. Right now I have this in my future build: I'm looking to replace it with...
  3. J

    Review gaming build

    Hello all, I'm set on building a computer within the next 2 weeks. Before I buy it though i want to run it by some people to make sure that its a good build. Below is the link to the computer components ive picked out. If something in this list is not good or you have any suggestions for a...
  4. S

    had this issue since upgrading to windows 8.1 (top and bottom of video)

    I have had this issue with windows 8.1 when watching video online (doesnt matter the source) when using google chrome (FF doesnt have issues) the top and bottom of the video are basically frozen... I prefer using chrome over firefox so I would like to resolve this issue Im rather stumped...
  5. H

    is 35-40c idle temperature a good idle temperature for 3970x?

    I have the H100i cooler with original thermal paster from the cooler for my CPU. I put the some thermal purifier without drying it before putting on the h100i, im not sure if thats a bad thing? When I watch youtube video, never see people putting on thermal purifier before the coolers and...
  6. A

    Constant Stutter (Inspiron 1420, Intel Core Duo T7300, nVidia GeForce)

    Upon startup two hours ago, my pc began to stutter. Every couple of seconds, the screen freezes for a split second and the audio stutters. As is, the thing is only good for text processing and facebooking. Not exactly ideal. I don't think it's a software problem - the pc even stutters during...
  7. G

    Can I connect both a dvi and a hdmi cable to my monitor

    Can I connect both a dvi and a hdmi cable to my monitor from my nvidia graphics card at the same time (to save swapping round when playing between 3d and 144 hertz gaming) I have both connections obviously,but can only use the hdmi for 3d (not 144 hertz).- Thanks
  8. tricksta555

    SLI question

    an you do a four way sli set up with a EVGA GTX 580 FTW Hydro Copper 2 graphics cards? thanks
  9. Camarooni

    Please check it over

    Hello, I am new to system building so before I buy all my parts I would like people more educated than me to check over what I selected just in case I selected something bad or incompatible or if I am missing a part. I will be using my computer for primarily gaming but I will also be using it...
  10. G

    ATI 4870 X2 doesn't run in crossfire

    Hey, guys I have a problem. I use this 4870 X2 for a while now and always wondering why the performance is sometimes pretty low. So I tested Crysis 2 and the performance was kinda bad. I downloaded GPU-Z then and I saw that it says: "ATI CrossFire disabled (CrossFire available)". :heink: So...
  11. N

    400-450 $$ gaming pc + htpc

    Hi!! I currently built a system for media center and light weight gaming. I would like to have general opinions about my build. Just wanted to note that this is not a much future proof system since i just built a 7000 $$$ pc, using the freshly arrived i7-980X paired with a hd 5970 and 12 gb ram...
  12. re4per

    Antec 900 broken panel

    Basically snapped the back fan controller holder (Screw in fan holder panel) Anyone know where i can pickup a replacement? All help much appreciated ;D (not interested in alternative fan controller)
  13. O

    Intel X4500 vs nvidia 9500

    Hello Looking at purchasing a HP Pavillion P6340 which comes with a Intel x4500. Should I look into purchasing a Nvedia 9500 as I plan to do a lot of gaming on it
  14. S

    Need some proof reading from the pros

    Well I am ready for a new gaming rig...actually my first dedicated gaming rig, and this time I want to build it myself. Something a little future proof. Although never having done this before I need some proof reading of my component compatibility. So here I will list what I have in mind and any...
  15. S

    I've Built my New i7 PC - Hrm

    Background and Benchmarks I've got real mixed emotions with this new i7. For comparison Previous system: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 4 Gig DDR2 RAM Gigabyte M59-S5 SLI (nVidia 590a) Chipset 2 x 9800GT Graphics Cards (SLI) 1 x Hauppauge HVR1300 Windows Vista 32 Just for background, prior to the...
  16. M

    core i7 1166 vs 1366, cpus & mobos

    I have read that the Intel offerings that will come out on Nov. 17 will be the core i7 920, 940 &965. Will these CPU's all be based on LGA 1366, which is supposed to be the performance socket. If so, what CPUs will be on socket 1166? Obviously there will be a price difference between these two...
  17. G

    Problem with A7V600-X

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus (More info?) Salutations. I recently bought the A7V600-board for my system, and just transferred my old processor and PCI cards to the new board. It has been working fine, but I was worried about the cpu temperature, that was about 70...
  18. J

    VPN solution on S.U.S.E

    Archived from groups: comp.dcom.vpn (More info?) Hello. I have had a VPN solution running on both debian and Redhat installations for a short while now. I am connecting to an FVL328 Netgear VPN enabled firewall and using super-freeswan PSK. I now have to install a solution on a SUSE box. I...
  19. G

    The document failed to print

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?) Using XP Pro SP2, and an HP Laserjet 5Si-MX. Using direct IP printing to connect to the printer. I have tried both the XP & HP drivers. I've tried drivers for similar HP printers. I've tried cleaning out the old drivers &...
  20. I

    Sata II compatible with older stuff?

    Hard Disks SATA 2 by default should be compatible with moterboards like Asus P4S800 Deluxe (socket 478) Fsb 800, and Pentium IV 3.0GHz Prescott 1MB L2 ? Because mine Western Digital 250 Sata II took more than 14 hours to format, plus everytime I boot the pc the bios kept giving me a error...