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  1. Sad Cat Gaming

    Question Black screen crash unless BIOS is reset ?

    Hi, I've been having this serious issue with my computer for the past few weeks. I've been using this computer for the past six-ish years to play games and it's been working relatively problem-free until now. I've been experiencing strange crashes where the screen turns completely black, the...
  2. T

    Question x470+2600x or B550+3600?

    I need help choosing what mobo+cpu configuration is best for my first ever pc build. My current build has a MSI MPG B550 mobo (that I got for a really good price) and I am planning to get the 3600x for my cpu, however my friend said he could sell me his Gigabyte x470 Aorus ultra gaming mobo, his...
  3. theKickingCyclist

    [SOLVED] First PC Build Fan Attachment Help!

    Hi guys, I'm building my first PC. After the first time it wouldn't power on, so I've taken it apart and trying again. Whilst trying to connect the case fan to the MOBO I'm having this issue. View: As you can see I have a 4 pin fan attachment on my MOBO, however, I...
  4. S

    Question Why is my c drive full when i turn on my pc?

    So recently I have been experiencing incredibly slow boot times on my pc (windows 10). I have a 240gb ssd. It works great! But for some reason, whenever I turn on my pc, I go to check the storage on it and its nearly full when there should be at least 20gb left. Then after a while (5 mins) the...
  5. Y

    Discussion Hey guys I need some assistance with my pre boot pc

    Ok so here are the specs. PC CASE: Corsair spec-04 MB: gigabyte x470 CPU: AMD 5 2600 Cooler: Stock wraith cooler storage: western digital 500 gigs ssd PSU: EVGA G3 650w GPU: ZOTAC 1050ti Memory: 16 gigs of ddr4 (2x8) Corsair Vengeance So I've been checking these forums a lot in the past week or...
  6. D

    4670k OC issues

    Hey, Pretty new to overclocking and I'm trying to find stable overclock for my 4670k, but it seems I got rather unlucky with my cpu. I set it to 4.2Ghz and 1.2V, if I run intel burn test, I can run it for hours and my pc wont reboot or BSOD, but if I run prime95 it will reboot or bsod after...
  7. A

    my final build

    Please help me and give some advice if i can change anything? actually i dont want to change cpu and gpu but if i would change anything else then i need the price to be about same price or lower becouse i cant go higher. - CPU-i7-7700k 8m cache up to 4,50ghz Cooler-Cooler master cpu cooler hyper...
  8. T

    Opinions on build

    I plan to stream, and run a dual monitor set up down the road. But an idea of the games I want to play is: Rainbow six siege, Black ops 3, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1,Star wars Battlefront, Overwatch, and H1Z1, and CS Go, GTA V. as well as many more games, and some more games down the road when...
  9. S

    Is it time to change my router?

    I own a Net gear Netgear WNDR4300. Ive had it since it came out but now after such a long time Im having connection issues. A good example is youtube loading up any new video on any device wireless or wired will either never start or just show a error. Swapping connection to Carrier coverage...
  10. T

    Slow Gaming Performance

    So i recently did some upgrading on my computer and realized that im not getting the performance i was hoping for. Im currently running: -GA-78LMT-USB3 -Msi R9 380 4GB -CX600 Cosair -16GB 1600Mhz RIPJaws Ram -2 120GB SSD -1 600GB HDD -AMD FX8350 I recently just upgraded the processor from a AMD...
  11. u8mypizza2

    Returning to pc gaming. Opinion on rig for 2015

    Hello. I've recently decided to fix my old gaming computer with a few upgrades at the repair shop. I should be receiving it in the next couple of days or so. I'm just a tad concerned if the components stack up to today's standards of games. My gaming rig: CPU: Intel 3570k CPU COOLER...
  12. T

    Will TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 be compatible with Comcast?

    Hello Forum, I'm looking to purchase a new router for my home, 4300 sq ft with basement. Due to the crappy modem-router wifi signal I have from comcast, the Arris TG862, I have decided to buy a router to place in bridge mode. Can anyone tell me if the TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 is compatible and...
  13. S

    Is my pc good for gaming in 2015

    Cpu AMD FX-6350 3.9GHz 6-Core Processor Cpu cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Mobo Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard Memory Team Dark 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Gpu EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB Video Card Case BitFenix Neos White ATX Mid...
  14. S

    Motherboard question for my build

    Hey all! I have my pc build list complete, and I've ordered every piece except for the motherboard and keyboard. I want to go try out keyboards in a store to see what switch type I'll prefer, but when it comes to the motherboard I'm a bit stuck. Here's my list:
  15. O

    Wireless Network Card not recognized after hibernate

    I have a NetGear N600 wireless network card for my desktop. It works fine when it has power. However, every time I come out of hibernation mode, the card does not appear to be connected. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it works fine. I was have a problem with my mouse and keyboard doing the...
  16. thelivingflesh

    2way xfire or 3way xfire for photoshop, editing & gaming on 1080p

    Hello, I need some recommendation here regarding the weak link in my pc and do i need to upgrade anything.... i want to game on maxed out everything at 1920x1080 in 3D stereoscopic mode!!!. and i work on photoshop and video editing sometimes.... x6271 was the score on 3dmark - stock everything...
  17. D

    Watch Dogs w/ SweetFX crashes at Startup, didn't happen before (RadeonPro)

    Hey. I use SweetFX for Watch Dogs. It has worked beautifully for weeks, even with the new patch. But now, all of a sudden my game crashes at startup with no loading screens. I have reinstalled, and that doesnt work. Please help. This was working fine, so something must have happened.
  18. A

    Heatsink fan connection fell right out

    So I've been working on upgrading a pretty average Lenovo pc I bought at the store a couple of years ago. I had allready installed a GTX 660 several months ago and it worked perfectly, however this was my first time installing a new CPU and heatsink fan. Following all the instructions, I...
  19. G

    Hyper 212 new fan help

    I'm looking to upgrade my case soon and it'll probably be a red/black theme. I need to find a new fan for my Hyper 212 to match the scheme. Can anybody recommend a 120mm pwm fan that has red/black colour, although the colour isn't necessary.
  20. T

    How should I go about eyefinity

    Right now I have this video card. Should I buy another 7870 car and crossfire for 3 screens at 1080p or should I do something else? I'd like to run games high if I could.
  21. N

    i cannot find msi 7312 ver 1.0 mother board deiver.....plz half me . how ill download this drive

    i cannot find msi 7312 ver 1.0 mother board deiver.....plz half me . how ill download this drive