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  1. R

    Question Restore Partition after Delete Volume

    I've been really stuck and over my head here (as evidenced by my bad decisions). Any help is much appreciated! Long story short, I accidentally ran Diskpart Clean on my drive (virtual drive mounted on Google Cloud). Panicking and being an idiot, I tried to recreate my first partition out of...
  2. Z

    Question White flash / flickering only when rebooting

    As the title says my screen now flashses white once or twice(I dont know the exact number but it last for less than a sec)when rebooting,is it because my gpu is dying? or screen is..
  3. Pentium4User

    Question Toshiba M1150-S1061 video issues

    Hello so I have been having a quite annoying issue, Yes I know this laptop old but I mainly use it for a network hotspot and sometimes I use it to watch dvds on it. The issue I am experiencing is that video drivers (It has a xpress 200m) it will not load no matter what I'm pretty much stuck with...
  4. V

    Question PC stopped working/screen wont turn on

    i5 4570k, gygabite Z87-HD3, superflower PSU, MSI GTX960, 2 kingston hyper X 8 GB This PC has already 5 years, except the PSU has 2 and the graphics 1. It suddenly stopped working. All the fans turn on but the screen wont. I tried to use the integrated graphics and clearing the bios. I also...
  5. A

    Question Is adding 4GB RAM worth on my i5-8250 notebook?

    Hi all! New here. I have HP Pavillion Gamming Laptop, I want to add 4GB RAM, to improve gamming performance .I bought it not long ago, I aimed to get something to run mainly Mortal Kombat X and Far Cry Primal, that’s what I got in mind when buying it, with the budged I had at that moment. It...
  6. G

    Can someone explain how to use SeaTools for me?

    I already downloaded what it said to download on a USB drive but im clueless on what to do after that.
  7. M

    Best Laptop under £500

    Hello, I would appreciate some recommendations for the best laptop I can buy under £500. I'll be using it for surfing the net and using office programs, nothing too demanding but obviously I want the fastest system I can get within the budget, thanks.
  8. boias_john

    Asus z370 TUF Plus won't display bios/uefi

    So I just got a new Asus z370 TUF Plus gaming mobo and Intel i7 9700k to build into my new Phanteks Evolv X case, the RGB, case fans, ram RGB, USB devices, and GPU fans all power on, but there's no display on my monitor. The mobo or the case I got didn't come with a speaker either, so I can't...
  9. I

    What CPU for gaming and editing

    Hey I would like to get some advice about what CPU I should get for a gaming and editing setup. Im looking at 8700k 8086k 9700k 9900k. Can I have a few opinions? I have a budget of 3-5k alone for the rig itself.
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Can barely meet 60fps in most games at 1080p

    I'd have expected this build to be overkill for 1080p gaming, or suitable for 1440p it can't get above 20fps on 1440p or higher and 1080p only hit 60 on low requirement games CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Motherboard: ASUS H170 PRO GAMING RAM...
  11. J

    Question to developers

    Does anyone write to games developers, asking why applications only playing the menu, continue to use up large amounts of cpu and gpu resources
  12. J

    Blue yeti cable broken

    My blue yeti cable broke, I tried all my other mini usb cables, mic turns on, but is in not detected by the computer
  13. E

    Graphics card crashing under load

    I’ve just upgraded to a Gainward GTX 970, and i’ve been having some big issues so far. I also installed a new power supply with the graphics card, a Thermaltake TR2 S 600W. After installing the card, I installed the drivers from Nvidia’s site and ran heaven benchmark to check if it worked...
  14. R

    Z270i How can i make this all work ? usb 2.0 + 3.0

    Hi guys i know they are afew posts regarding this however none state my exact situaion, I have a Corsair h200i case which has a internal fan hub required 2.0 . I currently have a horrible adaptor to convert my 3.0 header into a 2.0 and for the mean time its working out okay. However im...
  15. Brand24

    Should I upgrade my Ryzen 1600?

    Hi just wondering if I should upgrade to the 2600 or 2600x. Will I notice any performance gains (FPS) or am I best to keep the setup I have now. I only game on it no video editing or streaming and I play @1440p. I can recycle the 1600 into a pc I am going to build for the missus later on. PC...
  16. kcarbotte

    Get Ready for the Next Windows 10 Update

    Microsoft revealed the name and launch date for the next Windows 10 feature update. Get Ready for the Next Windows 10 Update : Read more
  17. T

    Which is the best for me? Z370

    Im upgrading my pc to a i5 8600K but i dont know which Mobo is the best for me. I was thinking about MSI Z370 TOMAHAWK and GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 5, but im not sure which to get. My budget i about €200. Any recommendations?
  18. N

    Canon c1028i - Scan to Shared Folder

    Hey friends, I have a Canon c1028i and I need to know if it's possible to scan documents to a shared folder. Thanks.
  19. Z

    Newly built PC, no video output, or usb response.

    Hi, I have recently decided to build a gaming pc and all the parts are in, however when i plug it in and turn it on i receive no video output, or signs of my usb devices functioning. However on bootup i receive one beep, which according to the mobo manufacturer means that the system bootup was...