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  1. W

    My new system has BSOD

    Hello everyone, I hope i can get some help with the problem i'm having. I've been having BSOD problems with my new PC. I installed it 1 week ago, there was no problem but BSOD started 2 days ago. I updated the bios and my drivers are updated. OS: Windows 11PRO Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z790-P...
  2. S

    Question Random BSODs in Windows 11 ?

    Hello, So I have a PC mainly used for gaming. My problem is that it gets a BSOD sometimes, not just only one kind, but the most common one is DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER, but It hasn't occured during game yet. I tried a clean installation of Windows 10 and Windows 11 too, it didn't help. I...
  3. cjwolls

    Question BSOD after a fresh OS install.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post onto this forum after quite literally years of lurking. I apologize in advance if this is not posted to the right area. I have been experiencing periodic blue screen issues with my PC for about 2 to 3 months now. Various things causing crashes, too long to...
  4. MercyPrevails

    [SOLVED] [RECURRING WHEN IDLE] Unknown bugcheck code 0x5000000c

    Hello! I'm just here seeking help, after finally exhausting the extent of my ability to research my own bugcheck code. I've done /sfc scannow, I've done DISM, I've done MemTest with no errors and good ram stats. Attached is the minidump of the unknown error, aside from today I also got this BSOD...
  5. Top Nep

    Question Bluescreen when playing a specific game

    Hi guys, I've been getting blue screened whenever I play resident evil village. The game runs fine but at random intervals, the pc bluescreens or simply crashes into desktop. Sometimes it crashes in the first 5 minutes into the game or maybe after 30 minutes. Strangely, this only happens with...
  6. Rolix

    [SOLVED] BSOD's and game crashs while playing Minecraft

    Hello, I hope your all doing good at times like this. Recently I had multiple BSOD's and game crashs while playing Minecraft. I tried everything if it's reinstalling Nvidia drivers or updating my drivers, doing a windows update, format my pc, in some different recommended ways. The problem shows...
  7. D

    Question Driver Power State Failure from ntkrnlmp/ntoskrnl on Shutdown + Audio and Video lag during normal use

    Hi everyone, since a few days I have the stated problems with my moms Pc, the problems only come up in combination but not everytime and the it seems very random, it got a bit better after installing a Windows update but its still there. It also happens in safe mode. I tried various things like...
  8. B

    Question Installed 1050ti on Prebuilt HP and vga isnt working!

    I got a nee Gpu (1050ti) for my pre built desktop Hp elite the biggest model. But when install I have no signal on my vga monitor. I have my vga cable still connected to my monitor. I havent got a hdmi monitor yet. Whats the solution? Did I do something wrong?
  9. O

    NEW PC BUILD: hard drive not detected.

    I just assembled a brand new gaming computer yesterday.all the parts are running fine and I can go into the bios menu, I have a MSI z270-A-Pro and the problem I'm having is that my hard drive isn't being detected. when I go into the storage section it shows the sata port number and model not...
  10. S

    Temperature sensor reading too low

    This morning I noticed that I couldn't hear my fan on my desktop computer. Opened it up, and fan is running on low. Never turns up. Downloaded a temp monitoring program. It says my CPA is 5 degrees C. This is not possible, as ambient temperature is 23 degrees. So, clearly the probe...
  11. D

    Low-Mid Income Gaming PC Build

    Hello everyone! This is my first solo PC build, and by that I mean the first time I'm picking and buying the parts myself. I'm not looking for a super high-end rig, but I do like to have things looking pretty when I play. As it stands right now, my current build cannot play Inquisiton, it won't...
  12. D

    Proper way of updating gpu drivers?

    i have a Evga Geforce gtx 770 http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us is the link i need to go to to updare my gpu driver. But would i have to remove the current driver before updating? or would the update just erase the current driver?