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  1. ImanMd

    Question ntoskrnl BSOD

    I recently built a new pc and i am experiencing bsod while entering a game , installing drivers (with third party program), installing amd display drivers (successfuly installed it using device manager), sfc /scannow, copying something from my phone to pc, and sometimes when idle. After trying...
  2. aitchgee12345

    Question BSOD Crashes

    Hi iv been struggling to pinpoint what is causing multiple bsod crashes on my pc... When i run in bluescreenviewer every crash has ntoskrnl.exe as a red flag. I have reinstalled windows at first. I have ran multiplescans on cmd aswell as a memory check on my ram which seems to of been fine too...
  3. HarryGRGamer

    Question The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck (ntoskrnl.exe) ?

    I have recently received a BSOD again, It's my third since I've built my new PC in March. When I went to the event viewer the error was identified as this. "The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000139 (0x0000000000000003, 0xffff8287cb1b2490, 0xffff8287cb1b23e8...
  4. junhong0113

    Question At least 3 times BSOD per day even 3/4 times clean installation of windows 10

    As mentioned above, my computer start having multiple BSOD per day for a few weeks. Even I do a clean installation of windows 10 few times, the problem still exists. I could not complete the update of kb4601319 and kb4601382. they always fail. Besides, my browser(chrome and edge) keeps crashing...
  5. VitusB

    Question PC bluescreens and sometimes crashes without BSOD

    Hello. For the past few months i've experienced a number of crashes and BSOD happening daily. Most of the BSOD have the driver ntoskrnl.exe as the cause, which i've heard could be because of a hardware problem. I've tried almost everything people have suggested, but nothing has helped. Some...
  6. Syama

    Suitable Components for AMD A-10 7800 Processor

    Hi kindly suggest suitable components like mobo,ram,graphic card for AMD A-10 7800 processor that is to be used for video mixing and photo frame work and not for gaming work.