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  1. S

    Question [SOLVED] LENOVO T510 / Windows OS Number keys do not work except 5 and 6 and signs after 0

    In a previous thread in this same forum someone quite ignorant about technical support assures that in this situation, definitely, the keyboard must be replaced because it stopped working mechanically. Surely, you say so, because you don't know that when a keyboard stops working mechanically...
  2. Tatazildo

    Issues with boot - two HDDs

    Hello! This is a long post with a problem I've never encountered before. I've been having a lot of problems booting my computer for the past week or so. I use two HDDs and never had any problems before. My main HDD is a 2 TB SATA 6 GB/s, where the OS and its files are stored. I'll call this one...
  3. AMDRazer

    1yr used Gigabyte WindForce OC GTX 770 vs New R9 280

    I would like to purchase a new graphic card. The cheapest r9 280 is around 160 but this 770 is only 150. I havent negotiated yet but the seller has used it for one year. Is GByte's warranty transferable? I will be playing games @ 1680x1050; NBA 2k15/BF4 Which is the superior card?