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  1. L

    Question Monitor doesn't have the display signal after booting up the PC...

    Hi Everyone, Long time listener, first time caller! I have this problem and its driving me nuts! I really don't know what to do.. A little context, I just built my new PC this weekend and everything works flawlessly however there is one problem - when I shut down down PC, I have to turn off...
  2. Dorelica

    Question I have an issue with my new laptop

    So i got a new hp pavillion laptop a few weeks ago and everything was going fine,temps were high at 80 degrees but that was mostly fine because i deactivated turbo boost and it never peaked 70. Anyways, back to the point, I have been noticing screen tearing but it was weird, it only happened...
  3. noobofnoobs

    [SOLVED] Quick rig check question

    Hello there I'm planning on buying an RTX series 3000 GPU somewhere later this year, most likely a 3080 (fingers crossed that its released before CyberPunk 2077) I was wondering if i would have to upgrade anything else in my PC so i can play Cyberpunk at the highest or next to highest...
  4. A

    Question Do you guys know how to fix this?

    My drivers are up to date but when i click on Nvdia control panel this shows up: https://snipboard.io/DQjtPG.jpg
  5. Sam mainman

    [SOLVED] Help identifying Fake Gpu

    a friend of mine bought what suppose to be 2gb NVIDIA 730gt for like 15$ it started to crash when ever he tried to game it turned out to be fake I want to know what GPU it actually is since they tried to erase the name from gpu chip , I'll appreciate any help
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Replace Nvidia GTX 650 for GTX 1660

    Hi everybody! I'm currently trying to improve my computer and I would like to play videogames like Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord or use it for other computer related tasks. I have a couple of questions regarding that and I hope that you can help me. My current system specs are: Graphics Card...
  7. Y

    [SOLVED] how to keep cpu at turbo boost constant

    soo i have a i7 3770 with a non z mobo , as far as i know the i7 can pull off 3.9ghz at turbo but then it drops to 3.4ghz or low when not needed , is there a way i can keep the cpu clock speeds to 3.9GHZ all the time without any drops no matter what i am doing , i just need it to stay 3.9ghz all...
  8. N

    Question CPU change need advices :) and power supply

    First of all hello all ; Gonna make some changes in my computer except my cpu which is intel i7 3770k gonna buy gigabyte B365M auros elite intel motherboard along with DDR4 16gb ram and for gpu gigabyte geforce rtx2060 super windforce 8g and gonna put them all in new case Cooler master...
  9. H

    Question Water cooling blocks for GPUs

    Recently did a new build and i am thinking about changing my GPU to water cooled but i am getting confused as to which blocks will actually fit the card i have, in an ideal world i would be able to get something i can control with the Corsair iCue to match the lights with everything else. I have...
  10. Nhire

    [SOLVED] Switched from amd gpu to GTX 1080, no display, no startup.

    So I've been using my r9 290 for about 2 years, my motherboard is new, there's no ram problems, PSU is fine and so far I never had any issues. Even recently which is yesterday I bought myself a new cooler for CPU and installed it about 20h before this post here, and there was no complications...
  11. CeroCry

    [SOLVED] Gpu upgrade help!!

    So I am wondering what gpu should I get. My options are: Rx 5700 Rx 5700xt Rtx 2060 Rtx 2060 super. Note(In my country the 144hz freesync monitors are a lot cheaper than 144hz g sync) that's why I am considering an amd gpu. I heard that rx 5700 series run a lot lot hotter than rtx 2060...
  12. D

    Question RX 5700 XT or RTX 2070 Super?

    Upgradeing my gpu soon and I'm choosing between the 5700 XT an the 2070 super. The cards power is comaparable to each other with the 2070 being slightly stronger, I am also using Nvdia right now, games are more optimized for Nvdia, and I'm more comfortable using Nvdia, but its an extra $100...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] Games keep crashing because of nvd3dum.dll and Exception code: 0xc0000005

    Hey guys, first post here so I'm sorry for formatting issues. Since last week, CS GO has been crashing on start-up with this error in Event Viewer, Faulting application name: csgo.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c058004 Faulting module name: nvd3dum.dll, version:, time...
  14. T

    Does changing the motherboard makes me change the case?

    As the title said.
  15. S

    New to overclocking my 7700k tempratures.

    Hello, I have a 7700k on an asus Hero Maximus IX mobo and being cooled by a H1100 by corsair AIO. I have always left things stock running at 4.5 and would see idle temps around 35 (obviously have spikes) and max temps in timespy at 83. when i went into bios all i changed was all cored to 4.7...
  16. D

    Headphone amp with cheap headphones

    Will an amp make cheap headphones sound better? If not will a amp + equalizer help? Just looking for y'all's opinions. Thanks
  17. S

    SD card files recovery

    Hi everyone ! I was working on my pictures (lightroom) and my computer crashed. Afterwards when I insert my memory card, an error message tells me that my computer cannot read the card and that it needs to be formatted. But I can’t lose all my files on it … what can I do ? I tried recuva but...
  18. C

    i7 4790k OC on Asrock z97 anniversary, what v core votage should I use?

    Hello, I've recently got i7 4790k and I wanna OC it quite high. I got question related with V core voltage I have read on variety of forums that people use V core voltage on the level of 1.3 V at 4.5 GHZ OC Suprisingly, as far as I am concered, that kind of voltage makes my CPU hot as hell I...
  19. Ferrariassassin

    Would a GTX 1080 be powerful enough to play Fallout 4 on medium settings at 720p?

    I have a 980Ti as of now and i get around 30FPS average on Fallout 4 even when all settings are on as low as they can go and at 720p and with no mods. I want to be able to get a stable 60FPS at 720p with medium settings and was wondering if a 1080 or two 1080's in SLI would be able to handle...
  20. B

    What size is this motherboard?

    Iv been looking at this motherboard but can't seem to find the dimmensions. I swear I saw them once but I can't find them anywere. Not even on the asrock website. The amazon dimmensions are all diffrent too! I belive I saw 6.9 by 6.9 originally. This is the motherboard...