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  1. T

    solved it: video screen capture quality too low

    Solved it after hours... It was a shader I was using in my video player that was going crazy. trying to make an already sharp video better by making it blury I have something off with ANY video screen capture software. So I want to record something on Screen, like a whole Monitor or a game...
  2. physicsme

    Question Encoding video with NVENC while gaming crashes my computer

    I use my gaming PC to encode videos to H265 with FFMPEG and NVENC very often. Sometimes I just forget it's encoding and start a video game. When the game is not very graphically demanding it's fine, but more demanding games cause a black screen. I think it's just the graphics card that's knocked...
  3. mossi

    Question i5-4460 or i7 2600 with GTX 750 ti streaming build for Sims 4 - 720p 30fps

    i5-4460 or i7 2600 with GTX 750 ti streaming build for Sims 4 - 720p 30fps Hi I'm contemplating on doing a cheap streaming build for Sims 4. I'm torn between i5-4460 and i7-2600. The i5 is cheaper but I don't know if it'll be enough whereas the i7 will have 8 threads and more cache so I'm...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Recording gameplay to HHD or SSD?

    Hello, I am wondering about which storage drive I should buy next to be able to record 1080p 60fps. I keep seeing mixed opinions about which one to use for strictly recording. GPU - 2070 super CPU - R5 3600 OC 4.2 RAM - 16gb 3200 STORAGE - SSD 240gb (for os and apps) HHD 1TB (for games) I will...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Best NVENC setting for recoding?

    Hello, I am wondering what settings would be good for OBS recoding. I am rocking a 2070s R5 3600 16gb 3200. I want something that is smooth but also good quality. I have watched YT videos but each somewhat vary and are usually for streaming and not just recording, which is what I want. Are there...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Nvenc OBS settings?

    Hello, I have recently bought a 2070 super and I am trying to use it to record when I play. I have watched a few videos for settings to use for nvenc in OBS. Whenever I use these settings, my recording is very choppy and has many dropped frames but the quality is fine. The thing is whenever I...
  7. Servs

    [SOLVED] 2nd PC to encode streams. Need help with parts

    I want to offload encoding of 1080p60 streams and videos to a 2nd pc setup. Im trying not to spend alot on this second pc, maybe around $600 MAX, and im wondering if it would be better to use x264 Medium with a high core count modern CPU or buy a turing card and do NVENC new. I already have an...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] £700 Gaming PC for a friend need help

    My friend wants to get a pc for about £700. I have parted out a list for him, but I am not entirely confident on building it for him, I've never built a system before, alternatively I have found similar specs on an AWD-it pre-built machine for £50 more but slightly less specs and upgradability...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] RTX 3000 vs 5700 XT?

    Hi I'm going to be streaming, but I can't get a 3700X. My budget limits me to a 3600 (albeit I can OC it with a good cooler), because the 3700X is $170 more than the 3600 where I live. I was thinking whether X264 would harm performance on the 3600 and how much? Or is NVENC better? In case NVENC...
  10. Flame1

    [SOLVED] OBS streaming settings???

    So I installed OBS for the first time ever and my friends immediately said that the first thing I should do is change the encoder from X264 to NVENC (new), so I did that and I've set the bitrate to 8000, the stream was pixelated so I decided to up that to 10k which made it less pixelated but the...
  11. christophergeo

    [SOLVED] 1080p Video Capturing system

    Hello there, I am building a system for capturing 1080p video ( ~100Mbps ) with a Decklink duo PCI card (https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/techspecs/W-DLK-31 ) and using VMix software. I have built the below system according to the reference system found on VMix website (...
  12. W

    Question i5-4670k on LGA 1150 motherboard. Which graphics card for streaming?

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before. I did search, but maybe my request is too specific ! I have an "old" i5-4670k running with a GEForce 660 Ti graphics card and 8GB of RAM. I very much want to stream my PS4 games via the Elgato HD60. The Elgato software do an ok job, but it isn't...
  13. J

    Question Two Nvidia Cards In One System.

    The question I have is that, currently I have a RX 580 and a 1050 ti but i use the 1050 ti for encoding while recording or streaming so I wont see drops in games. (It does work) But I want to move on from the 580 to a 1070, but the thing Im worried about is that they are both nvidia cards and...
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    amd or intel rams

    is amd ram same to intel rams