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  1. ry1810

    Question Is it ok to install both GeForce 630 and GeForce 730 at the same time?

    I have two low gpu, GeForce 630 and 730, the GeForce is placed at the PCIe x16 and the GeForce 630 is placed at the PCI x1, is it ok to have them at the same time?
  2. Canadian Ace

    Question RTX 2070 can't do 144hz?

    So basically I had a GTX 1060 previously.. and I bought myself a 144hz monitor thinking it would be great. It wasn't, so I bought an RTX 2070 a year later and it's barely any better... I can do 60fps 1080p high settings in any game but most titles I can't even reach 100fps no matter what...
  3. s n a t c h

    Question Will an i5 2400@3.1ghz bottleneck a gtx1660ti? And if so what's the highest range/power gpu I could get for an i52400 without it bottlenecking?

    I have the CPU in mention and really need a new GPU! (monitor resolution is 1680 x 1050) Any help will be greatly appreciated! Edit (to 2nd part of question): when I say bottlenecking I mean bottlenecking significantly were it's like noticable? as you can tell I'm not an expert and may word...
  4. pearcenc

    small powerful cpu cooler

    my case does not have alot of room from the mobo to the case lid, i need a small but powerful cpu cooler, any ideas(i would like to spend around $50)