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  1. TheBearMethodist

    Question Changing my GPU in Nvidia Control panel causes really weird name change when applied

    I have a 2 GPU set up with one EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1060 SSC and an MSI GTX 1070 Ti. My goal is to run my games only off of the 1070 Ti and everything else with the 1060. This seems to be working, but when I set the Global Settings to use the 1060 as the CUDA-GPUs setting and click "apply," I am...
  2. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I Update My GPU Driver?

    I have a GTX 1060 running 399.24 but the latest version is 419.17. Should I update to 419.17? Does it improve performance or fix bugs? Is it worth the hassle? Thanks!
  3. S

    Question VGA or HDMI on computer won't display to monitor

    I was taking apart my old computer and decided to test two 2gb ram sticks on our current one. I put the two in and tturned on the computer. It then cutoff imeditally. I switch the ram back out and turned it back on, and now the VGA and HDMI don't work. Not sure if the ram caused the problem.