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Forum discussion tagged with NVIDIA 1080.
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    Question GPU high idle clocks

    Hi everyone, I got a new monitor a couple days ago (Pixio PX7 Prime), and I am loving it. However, I'm having an issue with the idle clock of my GPU (Asus Strix GTX 1080) when HDR is enabled in windows. If HDR is disabled then the GPU will go back down to 135 MHz at idle and stay there, but...
  2. T

    Question What parts of my PC are unbalanced (overkill, or lacking) for eachother?

    I feel some parts are holding others back, as it is functioning ingame quite poorly. I think it used to be better. I used to play RUST at max graphics at 60 FPS, and after logging into the game after like a year or something, i was met with a frame rate of about 13, so i put it on lowest...
  3. D

    Buying a Console vs. GPU Upgrade

    Hello, I'm a more casual gamer and in 12th grade. I'm looking to either buy a console or upgrade my GPU for my PC in the future. I'm fortunate enough to have a PC with an i7 4770k and GTX 770 with 8GB of RAM that my parents bought me back in 2014. Recently, I've seen the new Xbox One X stuff and...