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nvidia 1660

Forum discussion tagged with nvidia 1660.
  1. Andre97

    Question MSI gtx 1060 6gb or KFA2 gtx 1660

    Hey guys what i am asking is what is worth buying, i saw them both on Amazon and the 1660 ist 40€ more and that‘s not a big deal but is it worth? I already orders the 1060 but i can send it back. I already searched on google but nothing helped
  2. S

    Question Friend lost game data after Changing GPU

    So my friend recently updated his graphics card from a Gigabyte something or other (I think 650 but I'm not entirely sure, it was old) to an Nvidia 1660. When he tried to play a game of NBA 2k14, however, he noticed that all of his save game files, as well as his mods were gone and nowhere to be...
  3. [SOLVED] The Nvidia Graphics Driver is not compatible with this version of windows

    Recently i had some computer problems, instead of fixing it I figured why not avoid the hassle and use this chance to upgrade my hard drive, ram sticks and graphics card. After getting windows up and running on my brand new empty hard drive. I tried to download Nvidia drivers and got this...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Will a GTX 1660 bottleneck the Ryzen 2200g?

    Hi all I'm new to PC Building and planning to build my first PC soon :sneaky:. Will pairing the new GTX 1660 bottleneck the Ryzen 2200g? as I'm planning to buy the 2200g first before the graphics card and game on it while saving up before eventually buying the GTX 1660. How would it affect the...