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    [SOLVED] Will a GTX 1660 bottleneck the Ryzen 2200g?

    Hi all I'm new to PC Building and planning to build my first PC soon :sneaky:. Will pairing the new GTX 1660 bottleneck the Ryzen 2200g? as I'm planning to buy the 2200g first before the graphics card and game on it while saving up before eventually buying the GTX 1660. How would it affect the...
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    Question What GPU should I buy for these specs?

    I am looking to upgrade my GPU to a more recent mid-range NVIDIA one. Right now I have an i5-3570 and an AMD Radeon HD 5670 GPU. I have been told that anything more than a 1060 6GB would be a bottleneck for 1080P but right now, my monitor is 1440P. Which one would you recommend for these specs...