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  1. Ignatzzzz

    Question Nvidia RTX 2070 Super drivers slow windows 10 boot time

    This is by no means a major problem, but it is irritating. It seems that after installing the latest Nvidia drivers (either studio or game) my boot times are longer. Without the drivers it boots to the Windows login screen in a around 10 seconds. With them after the motherboard logo disappears...
  2. sopi94

    Question Black screen after setting it at 144Hz

    Hi, I have an Acer Predator XB241 and a RTX 2070. I'm using an HDMI to connect them. When I go on settings to change the Hz I can't see an option for more than 60. When I try to change them from the NVIDIA control panel (as a curstom setting) I get a black screen as soon as I input something...
  3. G

    Question Problems connecting Acer GN264HL to Nvidia Rtx 2070

    Hi to everyone, It's my first time posting, so nice to meet you :) Recently I bought a new GPU: Nvidia Rtx 2070. I would like to connect it to my current monitor and get 144Mhz. The problem is that I couldn't choose that option on my config, it was limited to 60Mhz. Porblem? Nvidia 2070...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Should I wait for Ryzen 3000?

    Atm I'm going to buy a r7 2700, but I am wandering if I should wait and buy a r7 3700 because the 3700x is supposed (don't know for sure) to hit th 5ghz mark with 12 cores, since the 2700 is £200 rn witch is a pretty good deal, I'm gonna be doing alot of gaming and video editing and...