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  1. M

    Question rtx 4080 low fps!

    Hi, im having issues with the specs as seen in my signature, bf5 and bf1 run about 90fps to 120 on 1080p or 4k (res scale) no matter what settings, when even the 6800xt i returned ran the games at 165 locked on low - I am very puzzled by this and nor happy. Same thing goes for squad its going...
  2. W

    Question New GPU but no FPS improvement ?

    i recenty upgraded from a 3060ti to a 4080 but i feel 0 diffrence in fps and i might even we worse i also added more ram which should make my game better but while everyone gets 550 fps i get 220 average in fortnite for example cpu:i5-12600k ram;24gb kinston hyperx fury psu:2b 850w 80+ gold...
  3. urbanos

    Question NVIDIA RTX 4080 vs ASUS ROG Strix features

    The NVIDIA 4080 released recently gets mixed reviews, but many predecessor GPU's are still at higher prices or hard to find, such as ASUS ROG. How does NVIDIA compare to ASUS ROG Strix in terms of cooling and noise? I have an ASUS 1080Ti that I've been happy with over the years, but not sure if...