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  1. imBW

    Question Games run at 4k resolution even though I have a Gigabyte G24F 1080p Monitor ?

    Whenever I open a newly installed game, it sets it to 3840x2160 as default. In other games like Apex or Horizon Zero Dawn, an easy fix is to just set it back to 1080p and I get my normal FPS in-game back but in the case for Valorant, my FPS dropped significantly (150-200fps to 40-90fps) even at...
  2. R

    Question DSR with max-q

    Is there a way to enable DSR in max-q graphics card ? I have a MSI GS 65 8RF 1070 max-q the option for DSR is not there in the nvidia control panel. Is there another way or application that can give the same results in games that dont have SSAA?
  3. S

    Question DSR Factors

    So this was turned on in Nvidia settings, to 4x resolution I believe by default. I went ahead and turned of DSR Factors completely just because it seemed like something that could take a hit to performance. But just wondering if this is something that should be on? or nah. I'm not 100% sure...
  4. H

    Can't Find Minecraft Deleted Worlds

    So,the other day I deleted a Minecraft world because I got mad and raged,but I relized it was a big mistake and I want it back,I'm on windows 10 and I cant find it Under the properties of Saves in .minecraft,I tried to click previous versions and nothing shows,some people said it saves into...