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    Question Weird clocking problems for GPU and CPU

    Hey guys, I have to problems with my CPU and GPU clocks. The problem with my GPU is that its memory clock shows either 2002 mhz in CPU-Z or 4004 in Afterburner, while it should actually be 8008. Yes, I know. The 2002 is my DDR rate, while Afterburner shows the "true" clock. But if it did...
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    Help. First build

    So I’m building a PC with a ab 350 pro4, I’m using a Ryzen 1600x and a hyper 212 evo. I’ve looked on the website to make sure that all of these items are compatible and they seem to be. But when I go to attach the cpu cooler it’s a very tight fit. Have to put a bit of pressure down to be able to...