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  1. Blekays

    Question Why can't I play games with my Zotac 1080ti anymore?

    I have an Zotac 1080ti. A friend gave it to me and he told me that I have to declock it a with a software (using Firestorm) slightly to play games without problems due to some crashing issues occured at card earlier. It's a self clocked gpu card and he thought that it made card problematic and...
  2. T

    Question Graphics Card Suddenly crashing on the regular

    Hi All, Apologies am quite new to all of this so will post what I know and have done and will answer as you guys have questions if that is alright haha :sweatsmile:. To begin with I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti gpu which has been working flawlessly until this point. I have not tampered...