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  1. adi2d2

    Question Graphical glitches on MX150 laptop graphics card.

    Hi, I'm having issues with my laptop graphics card. Laptop: ACER Nitro 5 with Intel i5 8250u and 2GB Nvidia MX150 GPU. Graphical artifacts are appearing while playing games on DirectX. GPU stress tests based on Vulkan, OpenGL doesnt show any artifacts. Only visible in DirectX based test...
  2. R

    Question GPU not showing up anywhere after reinstalling Windows

    I have an ASUS Vivobook 15 X542UN with an NVIDIA Geforce MX 150 (4gb) . So it was doing all right until one day my GPU vanished from task manager. I looked it up on device manager and it showed up when I viewed the hidden devices which said "Currently this hardware device is not connected to the...