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  1. M

    Question How much vRAM do you need for 8K? (Only asking about VRAM, not if a GPU is fast enough)

    First off, I'm not really running an 8K display. Instead, I have something probably just as rare, three 55" 4K TVs. I want to upgrade my GPU to the NVidia 30 Series and wondering if the 12GB of the 3080ti would be enough, or if I should stick with looking for a 3090. I'm also wondering how much...

    Question Use laptop display with Nvidia surround?

    Hi! Trying to use Nvidia Surround with my 2 external monitors but I can neither choose the 1x3 topology or choose my laptop display as one of the options. It's always greyed out. Anyone know a workaround or a fix?
  3. Jordan 646

    GPU chip status?

    Two days back my PC gave a BSOD and rebooted. Yesterday, the system started but there was no display on the monitor. I checked the monitor by connecting it to a laptop and it was working fine. Hence, I figured out that the problem was in the board. Please help me in figuring out that whether...
  4. R

    GPU Spins then Stops Continuously, Do I buy a new one?

    Recently my EVGA 970 FTW Graphics Card stopped working, my monitor stopped detecting the card and my fans on the graphics card are spinning like this: https://streamable.com/6k0ys I think it could be broken or something. I've tried using an older graphics card to test if everything was fine and...
  5. Z

    Low file size screen recorder?

    hello everyone can anyone recommend me a good game recorder that gives low file size while maintaining a decent quality? I tried nvidia shadowplay but my game recorded for 4mins. is 1.5GB
  6. MacLaw

    dual keyboard mapping

    Hello, I recently purchased a DeLux T9 keypad from Amazon. Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QE1XH8Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I was hoping to use this keyboard as a number pad for my laptop for gaming. The problem is when I change the "S" on the DeLux, the...
  7. T

    looking an upgrade for i3 4005u

    what type of processor i5 or i7 that can upgrade i3 4005u ?
  8. J

    What 1060 should I buy?

    So the GTX 1060 was reccomended for me to buy in my mostly-AMD powered rig. Problem is, which one? There are so many out there. I was leaning towards EVGA's model because of it's low price, but can that be overclocked? Does the single fan give it enough cooling? Or should I save up and add on my...
  9. R

    Switching from AMD to Nvidia

    Hello guys I'm planning to get rid of my old gpu, r9 270x, and try out the new 1070 from Nvidia. For the installation process; are there some specific steps I need to follow to do this in a fantastic manner? I've heard somethings about driver problems when switching, so if you could help me...
  10. P

    New Build, Won't display anything

    So I just build a new system with Z170 Pro Gaming MB, It has Intel Core i7 Quad-Core i7-6700 and the memory is Corsair 16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2133MHz and a samsing ssd for the time, I've not yet got a graphics card. But I put it all togeather plugged in the cpu power port and nothing is...
  11. insanity3241

    PC Turning on for 10 sec then turning off

    Hello, I have been having this issue for maybe 2 weeks now. I have this problem where I turn on my PC and it runs shows the motherboard logo then goes to the windows 10 loading screen and it shuts off. Then I must turn it on again to have it actually working.. So does anyone know what the...
  12. Jonas Vandy

    Computer hard crashing (MOBO bought today)

    I recently bought a new motherboard today in hopes of fixing a HDD issue but that's not my problem. I got the M5A97 and now it is hard crashing. I got more RAM and upon researching, I saw that it may be bad RAM. I installed my old RAM that I know works and it's still giving me problems. I can...
  13. T

    Computer will not power on

    Hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right place to ask but here we go. I have a Dell Studio 540 that is out of warranty and i cannot get it to power on. I have tried a new power cord, and also plugging directly into and outlet (that works fine), and nothing. I have unplugged the 24 pin...
  14. Symbaaa

    R9 390x, black screen & fans off randomly

    I could be doing anything - even typing this now with only Chrome open, and the screen would go off and I would hear the GPU fans come to a halt. I tried updating the drivers, seemed to work, played for hours, aaand black screen. I don't get an error message, but the actual box seems to be on -...
  15. tonnycassidy25

    0 Mhz GPU ? is it dead ?

    i recently checked my pc and found that one of my graphics card fan doesnt spin so i check the catalyst control center and what i found ? 0Mhz GPU core ,but the cfx is still enabled,how confusing http://s1072.photobucket.com/user/Tonny_Cassidy/media/0_zpsqv0gjqxp.png.html
  16. rocker19943

    Recover data from GPT to NTFS formatted HDD

    Hi, I had 2 GPT partitions and today I rmformatted both to make them NTFS, but after completing formation I realized that I had a very important files to save, now it's lost! Please tell me which program did help you to bring your data back, there is a sea of no working programs.. save my life ;(
  17. U

    Is the Intel Core 2 Quad q8400 compatible with a g41t-ad motherboard?

    I'm looking to upgrade my current CPU with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400. I have a G41T-AD motherboard and I cant seem to find any info about this CPU's compatibility with my motherboard. If my CPU isn't compatible please suggest the CPU's that are. Thanks!
  18. wayne371963

    Windows 10 & PC Gaming?

    Will Windows 10 be backwards compatible with Windows 7 PC games
  19. C

    6 beeps from a dell inspiron 580

    I've recently upgraded my dell inspiron 580 to have a new Msi gtx 970 and a corsair PSU, I restarted many times when installing drivers and everything worked fine, bf4 ran super smooth on ultra, everything was perfect. I turned it on yesterday after a short holiday to find it not launching and...
  20. B

    is this good for a gaming pc build?

    Crucial BallistixSport 8GB 1600MHz ASUS Z97-A CoolerMaster Vanguard 700W M Fractal Design Define R4 Black Intel 530 Series M.2 SSD 180GB Seagate Desktop HDD 1TB 7200RPM Noctua NH-L9i LP Gigabyte GeForce GTX770 2GB OC ASUS DRW-24F1ST Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OEM. im probably...
  21. K

    can't start any applications

    hi, so i know this is a virus, so this guy on game debate posted this link and i clicked on it and now i can't start application's and i get no error message whatsoever (google chrome, task manager etc) if someone would help me, that would be amazing
  22. G

    Compatibility Of GPU and Motherboard.

    Hey guys I just wanted to ask if the GTX 760 gigabyte 4gb was compatible with the MSI A88X-G43. This is my first build so Im a little noobish when it comes to compatibilty. Thanks!
  23. shoomee

    Is $2,500 too much for a PC?

    Ok I have had this build in mind for months now. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/vhZBTW The uses would be heavy gaming, recording and video editing/photo manipulation. In all honesty would I be wasting my money? Should I build a $1000 build and use the money left over for upgrades? (Im still saving...
  24. W

    Tricky question about Gaming Headset

    I have an x12 turtle beach headset, and I tried hooking it up to my PC and xbox 360. What I wanted to do specifically, is have the ability to talk to people in my xbox live party, have the audio on my computer, and hear/talk to people on my computer as well. I do this by plugging the tiny audio...
  25. L

    GTX 770 not performing very well.

    Alright, here is the skinny, I just built my brother a computer. Here are the parts, via newegg wishlist: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=23489326 Now, here is the problem. It isn't running games very well. He only has Battlefield 4 installed, and I know...
  26. R

    GTX 660 High Temp after "baking"

    Greetings! A little backstory: My friend bought a gtx 660 sc from EVGA, but after about 22 days of running it began crashing (no signal, berserk fans etc...), what he did then was to send it back for a replacement. He got a replacement, but he still had the same problems. So he gave it away...
  27. MichaelSP

    Windows 8.1 cannot boot after ubuntu install

    Hello, I have an ultrabook which came pre-installed with windows 7 but, using a cheap upgrade from microsoft was quickly upgraded to Windows 8 and then on to 8.1 just recently. I have just attempted now to install Ubuntu 13.10 alongside Windows 8.1 which all appeared to go smoothly. However...
  28. C

    Brightness dropping on monitors?

    The CIO of our company (my bosses boss) has four Dell 23" monitors hooked up to his work computer. Recently he has been complaining that the left 2 monitors each reset to a brightness of 0 about once a day but not at the same time. This changes on the monitor itself and you actually have to go...