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  1. S

    Question GPU Switch from Nvidia gtx 960 to Amd Radeon 5700XT, Fans dont start spinning and i get no display output.

    Hey, as the Headline is saying i tried upgrading my pc today and ran into problem after problem. At first i tried just switching the card out, (which usually works?). The amd card gets no video output whatsoever, but at the same time i started noticing that i dont get any output on the onboard...
  2. Roman Karachun

    Question Screen goes black for a few seconds when playing games.

    Ever since i replaced my gtx 1060 to a rx 6600 my screen randomly goes black for a few seconds and then comes back doesn't even say no input nothing . there is audio playing and everything seems normal. Used DDU temps dont go over 65 C power supply is a corsair cx550m processor i5 8400 16gb ram...
  3. b0on

    Question No signal in monitor after switching graphics card & psu

    Hello, I have recently got an AMD Rx 470 and tried to plug it up in my pc , but the psu was not enough for it an (seasonic 500w and the psu couldn't carry the card),so i bought a new one (corsair cx 450) after i tried to input the card and try to boot , the cpu fan & the graphics card fan was...