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  1. Zectorr

    Question Crossfire on this Board good/bad idea?

    So i have 2 Rx 580s (ROG STRIX Models) And wanted to try crossfire them, yes i know crossfire isn't really a good idea, but for the games i will be playing it works just fine. ASUS ROG Strix B450-F This is the board i will be buying , will there be a bandwidth issue with the second card?
  2. G

    Question Problems connecting Acer GN264HL to Nvidia Rtx 2070

    Hi to everyone, It's my first time posting, so nice to meet you :) Recently I bought a new GPU: Nvidia Rtx 2070. I would like to connect it to my current monitor and get 144Mhz. The problem is that I couldn't choose that option on my config, it was limited to 60Mhz. Porblem? Nvidia 2070...
  3. C

    Question Graphical issue with GTX 1070 Ti

    Hello. I keep having this issue with my graphics. Sometimes when I start the computer the screen keep flickering on/off until it reaches windows. Then it's either as normal or there are like corny sparks (like a tv-station without a signal). Today I received my first bluescreen. It happened...
  4. C

    Question BSOD while editing in Premiere Pro - Windows 10

    Motherboard: MSI Bazooka B450M CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (Water Cooled) RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200Mhz (F4-3200C16D-32GTZR) GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Audio: Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface Storage: 250GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus (Windows 10 + Apps) 500GB Samsung SSD...
  5. Zectorr

    [SOLVED] Recommended PSU for Crossfire RX580 8GB

    Yes i know , Crossfire runs like <mod edit> on some titles. I just really need to know what type of PSU i will need to power both cards. My budget is around $120-40 AU Ryzen 5 2600 ASUS Strix B450-F G.Skill Trident Z 16GB
  6. martlost

    Question GTX 1060m 3GB Extraordinary Low FPS Problem

    Hi, in last one month i have a stubborn FPS problem with my laptop i still couldn't find whats cause it. its hard to explaing for me whats going on with FPS. Sometimes rarely its working with normal performance. But mostly its not For example in Fornite with my settings my FPS is 120-160 it is...
  7. A

    Question Buy a mid-range graphic card ( 1050 ti vs RX570 )

    Hi I want to build a case. My system is : Ram 8 gb ddr4 G-Skill 2400 Cpu core i3 - 8100 Motherboard B360 My money is not enough for a better system and I don’t know which vga should I buy rx570 or 1050 ti. According to Benchmarks and videos on YouTube, rx is better. Is it true that gtx is...
  8. D

    Question question about g sync/adaptive sync monitors

    I'm in the market for a new monitor and the smoothness of g sync is very enticing but I don't really like the idea of fluctuating FPS in games as most are 75hz and above and maintaining that frame rate would be difficult with my hardware. So I was wondering if you cap the frame rate at 60fps...
  9. Barty1884

    Question 1080 Ti Gaming OC thoughts?

    Hi all, Contemplating an upgrade from my Strix 1070 (1440p 144Hz) and got a bite on a Gigabyte 1080 Ti Gaming OC locally for ~$500 CAD. https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N108TGAMING-OC-11GD#kf Doesn't seem a bad card, necessarily. It's a 1080TI afterall, but is definitely a budget...
  10. S

    Question 2nd Monitor slowing down Main Monitor??

    I have 1 Samsung 4K monitor as my main display and a Samsung 4k Tv is my secondary. The Monitor is 60Hz@4K and the tv is 30Hz@4K. When i go to play any game it will run at 30Hz. Even when i have V-sync off ingame it still only displays a max 30Hz. If i only make the monitor display the game...
  11. S

    Question diagnosing gfx trouble + can cards be serviced?

    Hi all, I have a nvidia GTX 1080 and some time ago I started getting problems that I suspected were graphics related. Browser tabs would crash ("aww, snap!"), videos would fail to render, applications would just render black. Sometimes things would come back to life and sometimes it would be...
  12. vulcanraven

    Question help with nvidia driver ver

    i just bought a Asus Fx 505 Du with gtx 1660 6gb and with the Geforce experience app the last version is the 419.71 but in the nvidia webpage i see a 430.64 whql i dont know what version should i get
  13. W

    Question GT 730 Driver compatibility problem

    I'm attempting to install Nvidia driver 391.35 (the last Fermi driver) on the latest version of Windows 10 for my GT 730, however I keep encountering the same error. After checking for compatibility, I get this: NVIDIA Installer cannot continue This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with...
  14. R

    Question Extremely Frequent Crashing

    Hi, I've recently got back into fortnite (I know pretty lame) but after an hour of playing I crashed, with an error saying Assertion failed: [File:Unknown] [Line: 198] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0005 - 'REMOVED') FortniteClient_Win64_Shipping...
  15. A

    Question Question about GraphicsPlayer

    Greetings! So I wanna know about the brand mentioned in the title, GraphicsPlayer. I am purchasing GraphicsPlayer's nvidia gtx 750 ti from my relative. He had ordered it online and did not used. Its new and selling me for cheap. If anyone has ever used their GPU's so please take a moment and...
  16. T

    Question got msi ge75 8sf. should i do one of the following. ?

    i got the msi ge75 because im never in one place. but i like to game. i got the 8sf with 2070 and single channel 16gb intel 8750h. i have some fps problems in game. i get 200+ in practice mode on overwatch. 100+ hearoes of the storm.. still not happy with the fps considering the hardware i got...
  17. R

    Question GTX 1650 on a 240 watt psu

    I know this card isn't very good for the money but I need an upgrade for my GTX 750 that I used for my dell inspiron 3668 pc Im also planning on adding an ssd for a boot drive and another 8 gbs of ram Current specs Intel core i3 7100 8gb ddr4 2400 mhz GTX 750 2gb 1tb hdd the dell mobo Do you...
  18. cangelini

    Question Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming OC 6G Review: Mid-Range Turing Goes Premium

    Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming OC 6G takes an Nvidia TU116 processor, gives it a 200W power limit, and tops the chip with an over-built cooler for quiet operation at low temperatures. Is the marginally marked-up board worth an upgrade? Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming OC 6G Review...
  19. Question Is my GPU dying?

    Edit: added PSU. Hello, Recently I started getting BSOD's randomly with the error code Memory Management. I replaced the faulty RAM and the BSOD's no longer appeared. However, now I get these red, green, blue and white flashes while playing games. Some games I've tested; Risk of Rain 2 If I...
  20. Y

    Question Nvidia Gpu and FREESYNC Monitor

    Hey guys I realized i have a freesync monitor which i know is amd only supported. I have a gtx 1060 gpu as well. ive noticed when i full screen games, the monitor automatically puts itself at 75hz which doesnt seem bad but it definitely causes skips and games to run less smooth. in the monitor...