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  1. Question nvlddmkm

    Games crash and event viewer shows "nvlddmkm" I'm sure theres somethings Ive tried that I can't recall and some simple things I haven't tried. Over time I've tried Fresh windows( and seperate attempts on a fresh drive) memtest BIOS update ddu SD drivers old drivers almost everything in my pc...
  2. Pcnowork

    [SOLVED] Black-screening & crashing when gaming ?

    So it all started a week ago while playing satisfactory my screen went black then crashed to desktop. Then I restarted satisfactory, went fine for 5 minutes then screen wentt to black again, then crashed my entire computer and then it restarted. It did this 2 times twice. I looked in the...
  3. adrianclaudiu2000

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 WINDFORCE OC 4G Black Screens

    Hello, i got a problem with my Gtx 1650 4gb gddr5 I just bought today a used gtx 1650 from someone that told me it got some problems, it was very cheap so i just took it in the intend to fix it. He told me that in "demanding" games he gets black screens or white screens, particularly in PUBG...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] Stuttering, lagging and random crashes after installing windows 11 and reseating GPU.

    Hello, I encountered a few issues when doing maintenance on my pc and reseating my GPU. Nothing went wrong during the reseating, looked like everything worked, then after booting into windows my pc instantly crashed, tried to restart multiple times and went into recovery. I suspected I did...
  5. aitchgee12345

    [SOLVED] BSOD Crashes

    Hi iv been struggling to pinpoint what is causing multiple bsod crashes on my pc... When i run in bluescreenviewer every crash has ntoskrnl.exe as a red flag. I have reinstalled windows at first. I have ran multiplescans on cmd aswell as a memory check on my ram which seems to of been fine too...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] nvlddmkm.sys causing random crashes on new PC

    As the title states, I've been extremely frustrated with my newly built PC because it constantly crashes at random intervals, mainly when playing video games. I know I'm not the first person to have this issue, however all of the fixes I see stated online simply do not work for my case My...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] nvlddmkm Error (Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered)

    Hello, I'll start by listing my computer specs: CPU: Ryzen 5900X Cooler: Corsair H150i Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 64 GB (I used DOCP's default settings in the BIOS to clock to 3200 MHz) Storage: Samsung 860 Evo 4 TB (x2), Samsung 980 Pro 500...
  8. WaKy

    Question Driver or Hardware issue ? RTX 3090 in World of Tanks

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Hopefully I am in the right section as this issue appeared after my GPU upgrade from a RTX 2080Ti to RTX 3090. I am encountering an issue with one my most played games (World of Tanks), the client is crashing into a black screen at random times (sound and other...
  9. fede.3d

    [SOLVED] Event ID 4101 nvlddmkm Gtx 1070

    Hello, I got a problem with my gpu. When i start my system and want to play a game, after like 10 minutes my gpu driver will crash. When I restart the system the pc will work fine without crashing, and this problem is weird because if the pc was having an hardware problem, the crash will always...
  10. D

    Question Weird issues with Graphics

    I have been using my graphics card for about a year and I keep have these weird issues with the graphics driver crashing. In some games it would crash and when I check event viewer I always get the error Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I have tried...
  11. KiruseiNagisa

    Question NVLDDMKM Stopped Responding/ERR12 Error In Monster Hunter World Please Help

    I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter: World recently and kept getting crashes with an ERR12 notification. This happens within the first 20 minutes of loading into a file or 2 - 6 hours into the game. I've heard a lot about the infamous ERR12 warning within the MHW PC community, although all...
  12. CasualPeachSax

    Question [Hang/Freeze/Crash] - Event ID 14 nvlddmkm, AMD+NVIDIA

    This thread is for if your issue occurs sporadically and randomly (from once every week(s) to once every month(s)). If you are having the same event ID repeatedly and consistently you do not have the same issue. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE QUESTIONS, A FIX OR RELEVANT ADDITIONAL...
  13. rootCBR

    [SOLVED] PC freezes and blackscreen after Nvidia driver installation

    Hello there, I'm hoping someone here could prevent me from going crazy over this problem I'm having right now. Sudden freezes with following blackscreen have been happening ever since the PC was built, some times more often than other times, but always still managable. It now reached a point...
  14. C

    Question Nvlddmkm.sys

    So im getting Nvlddmkm.sys BSOD and was trying to follow a repair guide about replacing it in the folder. However when I go both into the NVIDIA folder and System32 folders there is no Nvlddmkm.sys anyhwere.
  15. C

    Question Artifacting alongside Crashes

    Recently my PC start to artifact to the point I have to turn the PC off and back on myself. Very rarely does it actually fix itself but it has. This normally occurs when I am playing games. I saw a post saying to download MSI Afterburner and test it and every time I did a test it did crash. I am...
  16. A

    Question Strange problem with EVGA RTX 2070 XC

    I have an EVGA RTX 2070 XC which runs fine for normal usage like browsing or watching videos. But it crashes as soon as I play games on it. In the event viewer, I see Event 13 and nvlddmkm errors. I have tried the common fixes like reinstalling fresh using DDU but to no avail. Even tried...
  17. doodledile

    Question PC freezes / solid green video playback / black screen flashes / CPU fan overworking

    Background: Relatively new Gaming PC (Jan 2019), ran like a dream until recently - experiencing unusual/disruptive behaviour as outlined below (screenshots included from Dropbox). PC is usually running all the time but not intensively - I don't play games (but do make games) so I don't exhaust...
  18. N

    Question GTX 970 shuts off monitor when under load (opening any game)

    Specs: Motherboard: AROCK H97M Pr04 GPU: MSI GTX 970 CPU: i5 4690k PSU: EVGA NEX750G Problem: This started occuring about a month ago, specificially with the game Apex Legends, however rather quickly I discovered it started to happen in other games as well. At first this problem would...
  19. S

    My pictures do not want to import on computer

    I am unable to download or import my pictures for some unknown reason from my Canon. I switch it on, the pictures are there but it does not import?
  20. L

    MSI X299 Sli Plus Doa?

    Hello, I am putting together a rig with a MSI X299 Sli Plus motherboard and an i7-7740x. There does not seem to be any power getting to the board. I am using an older Fatal1ty Gaming Series 750 Watt 80+ Bronze power supply that can independently power another pc. I have breadboarded the system...
  21. mjslakeridge

    Question for Mods: Where is my thread from yesterday?

    I posted a question yesterday around 6PM CDT, asking why I can reject calls from certain phone numbers on my LG Leon Android phone, but the caller can still leave a voicemail. I wanted to select a best answer today, but the thread is gone. Also, I currently have 1 notification, but there are...
  22. R

    Single GPU Running hot.

    I have an SLI set up which I have overclocked. When I play a game like Dishonoured 2 one of the GPUs gets to about 75-80c and the other one around 55-65. I don't know if the difference in heat is bad or alarming.
  23. R

    does the zalman z11 plus support a 240mm radiator

    hi ime looking at getting the zalman z11 plus case but cant seem to find weather it will accept a Cooler Master Seidon 240V AIO Liquid CPU Cooler. i brought the cooler to fit in my cit vanquish but it doesnt fit. does anybody no if this cooler will fit. Thanks
  24. Z

    Not Having Desired Performance with Xeon Build

    My Build consists of the following: CPUs = 2x Xeon x5687 3.66ghz Quad-Core 8-Thread 40 GBs of 1333mhz ECC Memory Radeon R9 280x XFX DoubleD Graphics card Supermicro X8DAH+-F Motherboard While rendering is very good and fast, I am not getting a very good frame rate in Blender. When I run it in...
  25. C

    Final Adjustments on Gaming Build

    I want to build a PC that can run WoW: WoD on high settings. My budget is up to 800$, but is that much money even necessary to have a computer that will be only used for this game (along with web surfing)? I don't have any intentions of playing other games. So please, help me build a PC. I have...
  26. K

    small button in sappire r9 270x

    can anyone tell me anything about a small button in sappire r9 270x toxic ,it has the companies logo inscribed over it,and glows blue,i recently got it ,i did'nt got a instruction manual with it,and i'm not able to understand what's written in other sites,some UEFI THING,so something in simpler...
  27. nathansnider6

    will a hd6570 work on my system

    Hi, my system is the following a intel core 2 duo e7500(dual of 2.93ghz) 4gb ddr3 ram, 320gb 7200rpm hdd, 1gb overclocked 8400gs and a 235watt psu with 1 12v rail and my question is will this card work in my system http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202075 i know it requires...