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  1. M

    Question Intel Atom Processor C3758 for NVR with a mix of 12 COAX & IP Cameras?

    Hi, I am looking to build a hybrid COAX and IP Camera NVR (12 cameras total) using a "system on chip" mobo if possible (perhaps this Supermicro board https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/motherboard/A2SDi-8C-HLN4F). The COAX cameras will be connect to a Geovision GV-800 PCI-E card, which I...
  2. E

    Question Do I need a layer 3 switch?

    Hi all, I am planning to wire my home with Cat 6a ethernet cable. I plan to run 4-6 lines to my home office and entertainment center areas, plus a couple of drops to other rooms and some runs up in the attic for connecting PoE cameras. I plan to get an NVR system from a company like Lorex...
  3. W

    Question Need to know about security cameras

    Hello, im working in store, and sometimes we need to check cameras but we can only access few cameras, and its only work in old internet explorer, something called nvr3.0, first we open ie then type ip address and its asking username and password, then its gonna show few camera. But before there...
  4. Y

    Question Weird problem in ip camera

    Hello I'm facing problem with ip camera never seen before I have 1 ip camera with distance of 20 meter The cable I'm using is cat6 rj45 came with conector already attached When I plug the cable of camera with nvr or my pc it's work great But when I cut the cable and attach new connector it...
  5. kajaia

    Question Is it possible to use one NVR to connect to 4 different offices?

    Hello! I'd like to monitor cameras from 4 different offices using one NVR. All offices have their own interent connection with separate IP. Is it possible to use one NVR to connect to all these cameras? And how can I do that? Thank you in advance.
  6. tAKticool

    Home Security camera system -- wired Ethernet type

    Hi everyone -- I was hoping I could enlist the Brain Trust here for some help. This community has almost-invariably been of amazing and awesome help to me for over a decade and I could use some information and advice / opinion/etc. This will be quite a long post, trying to give you all the...
  7. C

    Question Accessing NVR/DVR remotely outside same network

    I have access to a static IP address that was unused. I decided to test it out and plugged the static IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and primary DNS from the ISP directly into the security camera DVR system. The DVR is then connected directly into a switch that is coming from the...
  8. E

    Question Cursor Icon Stuck Loading on Desktop

    My mouse seems to go into a constant state of loading (cursor icon is spinning blue circle) whenever my mouse is on the desktop. It disappears when I open any type window/browser, but goes back if I'm on my desktop again. Note that everything still works normally, but the icon itself get stuck...
  9. D

    Artifacts in game at low temps and low GPU utilization.

    I have a GTX 1060 6GB and I have over clocked it. I have run Fur mark, Fur Mark with artifact scanner and Unigine Heaven. The problem is in all benchmarks the run perfectly fine no artifacts and high fps, but in games I get artifacts. I have tried lower the clocks increasing fan speed but...
  10. Vertigoo

    Connecting Right Left and Center Speakers to a Reciever

    Hello, My AV-Reciever model is: YAMAHA HTR-5240 I have attached photos of the back of the receiver (the connections), and a photo of my remote control. I also have two "Peerless AC-3 Series, Model SR-377" which are Surround speakers. and a Peerless AC-3 Series, Model CT-377" Which is a Center...
  11. J

    Building a new PC with HHD from the previous PC?

    I'm building a new computer and I am getting all new parts except the HHD PSU and optical drive. I want to save money by just removing the HHD from my previous computer and putting it in this one, but how do I go about doing it WITHOUT wiping windows 7 off it? I don't want to just plug it into...