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  1. [SOLVED] Why is my cpu temp so high?

    I have noticed my cpu running at 80-98° and my windows will start warning me. Load is low and I'm pretty sure 64° is too high to be just running google chrome with just 2 tabs. I had just reformat my pc to make sure there are no viruses and when I run games thats when the temp spikes up to 98°...
  2. G

    Question I think my fans are working too fast at this temperature/usage

    So i built my pc few days ago Intel i7 8700K GTX 1080ti 16RAM Kraken M22 Liquid Cooling And kinda idling and i hear my fans are kinda loud i installed speedfan. Can you guys tell me if this is normal? Screenshot below.
  3. S

    Question Kraken M22 Fan Controls Not Showing Up In CAM Software

    I recently bought the Kraken M22 AIO and when i go into my CAM Software i am only able to adjust the Lighting and not the Fan?? Someone Please Help Me With This! Motherboard - MSI B350M BAZOOKA
  4. Derparch

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to connect my Kraken M22's pump to a molex adapter?

    So... Here's an issue. I have a molex adapter for the front intake fan that came with my Elite 110 by CM. It only has two pins for the positive and negative wires, and It clearly doesn't support PWM. So, with that said, is it okay to connect the pump of my M22 to it so I can use my other PWM...