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  1. Sir_thank_alot

    Question Which PSU to choose ?

    EVGA 220-GT-1000-XN SupernovaGT 1000 Watts or Nzxt 1000 W 80+ GOLD FULL MODULAR 1000 Watts Which one is better ? or are they the same ?
  2. T

    Question NZXT H5 Elite F140 RGB not working.

    the RGB on my Kraken elite 280 aren't lighting properly. there is one LED that is lit on both of the fans and the rest are dark. The fans/pump work because the NZXT CAM software can detect them on the cooling tab, and it gives me the RPM of the fans. On the lighting tab, NZXT CAM can only detect...
  3. Amaar Ebrahim

    Question ARGB fan LEDs are flickering?

    I bought a used NZXT F140 RGB case fan from Amazon last week. After installing it, I noticed that the RGB pattern on the fan stuttered and flickered. I did some research online, but I could not find anything that explained why there would be a flicker. Here are some important things to note...
  4. baldyistaken

    Question Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280/360 and NZXT H Series compatibility ?

    Hello, This is my first time posting thread and building a computer and i need some help with choosing right component. This computer will be for gaming. I've decided on almost all the pieces. But I'm very confused about the AIO and case. The AIO I have in mind is Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280...
  5. A

    Question installing a GPU ( MSI GEForce RTX 3050) onto a Gigabyte ITX Z87N wifi motherboard

    Hi all, i have a itx build and im installing my first GPU into it. Case : NZXT ITX MANTA MINI black Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WiFi GPU : MSI GEFORCE RTX 3050. PSU : CORSAIR RM750 When i install the GPU and attempt to boot up i get no response not even a light on the water cooler i...
  6. L

    Question Can I connect the RGB for the NZXT T120 onto LED pin B450m motherboard?

    Got this new CPU cooler for my birthday but am struggling with the RGB connection. Do I need the NZXT proprietary RGB hub? Or can it go straight into the RGB header on the motherboard (12V 4 Pin)?
  7. Wolfseye

    Question Could you tell me if these things work together ?

    Hi guys, I am about to get myself some new Hardware for my a little older system, in which the latest is a RTX 3070 Ti from end of 2022. But everything else is really dated. The last few days I took the time to find some parts that I like, which I want to replace. But some stuff i am just not...

    Question Gaming PC Build - Advice please

    Hey, I have not built a PC for a while and am looking to build a new one this month, I have done a fair amount of research and come up with this build, PCPartPicker Part List: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor (£221.97 @ Amazon UK)...
  9. Alfrdduke

    Question Nzxt 510 elite airflow and radiator

    So I was wondering if it would be plausible to drill my own holes at top of the Nzxt 510 and be able to mount a radiator at top just wanted to ask before i do something stupid
  10. samgenovese03

    Question DeepCool Fan Hub - Controlling Fan Speed

    Hello, I recently just built my first pc, its built in a NZXT H5 Elite. The case comes with 3 fans, one in the bottom to cool the GPU, and two in the front. I then added two with my liquid cooler, and then one more in the rear as an exhaust. So, I have 6 fans all up. My motherboard I am using...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Thermalright Pearless assassin 120

    few questions here, 1- what's the difference between the 120 and the 120SE version of this cooler. 2-I have a 4070ti gigabyte gpu and 4 sticks of ram in an nzxt H710i case, My worry is about clearance. will the cooler fit comfortably with the gpu with out being stuck to it? and if it was close...
  12. S

    Question Momentary temperature spikes on My i7 13700K

    I am using a i7 13700K with NZXT KRAKEN X63 Cooler. When gaming my average temps are around 65C to 70C. But in HWINFO64 Temp graph I see sometimes My temps goes around 80c or even 85C for like a millisecond. Then it comes back to normal 65 to 70c. Is this Safe for my CPU? and Why is this...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] I7 13700K temps too high on Noctua NHD15. Thinking to upgrading to Kraken x63

    Hi guys I am currently using a I7 13700K on my Lian Li 215 Case. Due to Ram clearance My CPU cooler NOCTUA NHD15 CROMAX is mounted up side down. Meaning Fans are pointing towards the Top of the case. When On idle My temps are 40C. When gaming temps are somewhere in the...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] kraken 120mm or bequiet pure loop 120mm for i712700 or 13600k stock

    Hi due to a limited case size, I am needing a watercooler but a small one. The only feedback for the kraken is a vid of a guy using a r5 3600 getting good temps - but a 12700 is like 8 to 15 degrees hotter. Whereas I have seen a video of a guy getting 92 degrees average in aida64 on a 9900k with...
  15. LuckyHood

    [SOLVED] NZXT Kraken X73 Pump Location

    Hello guys, I made a PC prebuild and it's the first time using an AIO. Do you think it's ok to keep the pump directing down as it is in the photo?
  16. Goatvie

    Question NZXT Kraken X53 Pump not working ?

    I’ve recently bought the NZXT Kraken X53 for my pc. I installed it and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried to put the 3 pin into the 4 pin AIO slot. Doesn’t work. Tried to put it in the 4 pin CPU Fan. I read on NZXT’s website that if you have a 4 pin slot you should keep the most right pin...
  17. AidenFox

    Question Radiator fans shut off randomly

    Hello! I have an NZXT Kraken z63 cooling an i9-12900k on an MSI Z690 Edge motherboard. Only anomaly is that the micro USB that powers the cooler's LCD isn't plugged in, but I don't think that has any impact otherwise. My problem is that when I turn on my computer, the pump and fans kick on, but...
  18. FactualSheep

    Question NZXT X53 vs MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion

    Which one is the best for a Ryzen 5 5600G, Masterbox td500L case the NZXT X53 or MasterLiquid ML240 Illusion ?
  19. N

    Question AİO For Ryzen 7 3800x

    Hello all i got ryzen 7 3800x and i want to get aio.. should i get Corsair h100i lcd or Kraken Z73 My case is Corsair 460X RGB Crystal Series. Thank you
  20. toshei

    Question Nzxt kraken z63 no led no device found

    Hello i just build today and my kraken z63 didn't show the led temperatures and Even in my nzxt cam didn’t recognize
  21. KatakuriChan

    Question PC Wont boot without AIO power?

    Hi, I have a 12600K, Gigabyte Z690 UD and NZXT X63 AIO. I just noticed the system isn't starting without connecting the SATA power to the AIO. But I barely remember booting without it when I first bench test the components. Can someone confirm this?
  22. P

    Question NZXT X63 Pump Fans Not Running

    I was doing some cleaning on my PC today and when I took off the back panel before I turned off my PC (usually it is off before I do this type of thing), and I noticed that the fans weren't running for my pump. I haven't had any heating issues with my CPU, so I never thought this was an issue. I...
  23. A

    Question Possible to change usb port driver to a usb header driver?

    So I recently moved country and while here hired someone to dismantle my PC and send over the parts. Upon rebuilding I realised they didn't send the usb cable for my liquid cooler.. big problem. I've put in a support request with NZXT to get a replacement cable, but, in the meantime, I tried...
  24. C

    Question cpu temps with aio liquid cooler higher than others?

    Since I've got my aio cooler (Kraken x63 280mm) it's always been a relatively lower temperature than other people I've seen. I have a ryzen 7 3700x and the aio is mounted on the front of my pc with the fans on the inside pulling the air in. The case is quite cramped because I'm waiting on...
  25. M

    Question NZXT Kraken Z63 fans not lighting up

    The fans suddenly stop lighting up, ive run into this issue before, where they just stop working then they suddenly start working. This time they're just not coming back. I can control them in the cam software; fan speeds. But RGB is completely out of the question, the fans dont even show up in...
  26. inkdrasil

    Question NZXT Fan Controller + additional fans not working? Advice appreciated!

    Hey there! Hoping someone here can help me out. I bought and installed a Kraken z73 with no issues (Cooler, LCD screen and included RGB fans are working as they should). I wanted some additional fans and lighting so I grabbed three AER 2 RGB fans and the NZXT fan controller hub. My issue is...
  27. Albert8BFish

    [SOLVED] MSI B550 Tomahawk JUSB3 not working with USB2 devices (NZXT h510 i case)

    Hi All, The issue is with the usb on the front panel of my case. I tried to connect a few usb 3 devices and they work. If I connect any usb 2 device like a security key, a thumb stick or a game pad it doesn't. The same devices work fine if i connect them to another port. The light on my...
  28. 100Dumplings

    [SOLVED] Can I use NZXT H510 Elite case fans as radiator fans?

    I have a Corsair Hydro 100i AIO, 240mm Radiator with 120mm fans. I'm trying to use the H510 Elite's case fans as the primary fan for the radiator. Is this viable or should I just stick with the fans I got with the AIO?
  29. E

    [SOLVED] Planning to buy Corsair LL120 120mm 3Case Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO

    As the title says I am planning to buy the Corsair LL120 fans but the issue is with my motherboard and casing. I have a very old PC. I am not quite sure if these fans connector will work with my PC. The main issue started with my CPU Cooler fan. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212x CPU cooler...
  30. H

    [SOLVED] NZXT Kraken m22 100c Temps

    Hi All, My NZXT Kraken m22 temps go high as 100c when playing games like RDR 2, Battlefield V. Valorant, and GTA V temps are around 80-85c. Could you please tell me how to overcome this? Please consider the below points. My previous M22 started to produce a crackling noise and the warranty...
  31. verz

    [SOLVED] My motherboard won’t screw i n

    My case is a h500i. and i have a b450 motherboard (atx) it has 9 spots for screws to go in. but only the bottom left ones will go in. and it is flimsy and not sturdy. help
  32. F

    [SOLVED] Cooling advice for a 5900x NZXT build ?

    I have a 5900x/gigabyte 3080 build that tends to be on the hotter side when gaming (88-90)! I have historically build with intel and my prior research did suggest the AMDs are warmer in general than their counterparts! For additional context I build during Aussie winter and didnt notice temps...
  33. P

    Question Case Fans Showing as 0 rpm

    Hello. I recently built a PC with an NZXT H510 Elite Case. It has 2 NZXT Aer Fans in the front of the case, which connect to an NZXT Smart Controller V2, which itself connects to an internal USB header on the motherboard. The fans run at a decent speed, but the CAM software shows them as being 0...
  34. Natedanp

    Question New build, CPU overheating with NZXT Kraken x53

    Hey. So I purchased a brand new Kraken x53 for my new build. Upon putting everything together and starting it up for the first time, everything looked great at first. I was in the bios tweaking some things before actually booting to windows when i noticed my CPU was getting hot. At this point it...
  35. KatakuriChan

    [SOLVED] Anyone with NZXT RGB AIO? Little help plz.

    Model X63 RGB. I think my kit missing something. There is nothing to connect fan RGBs. And whatever to In/Out ports in the fans. Can someone explain and maybe send an image, how to connect RGB using the motherboard? Or does it come with the controller?
  36. xirzy

    [SOLVED] What motherboard will work best with the NZXT H510 Elite?

    :vendredi: So over the past couple of months, I've been building a PC over on, and almost every motherboard I've tried to pair with the NZXT H510 Elite always says, "NZXT H510 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case has a front panel USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C port, but the (motherboard name)...
  37. 4gotten

    [SOLVED] CPU overheat and bios stuck

    Hello, the other day my pc crashed will playing a game and I thought nothing of it and reset my computer. Later that day it crashed once or twice more and I had to turn my computer off and back on at which point the pc would start to boot for about 3 seconds and cut off. After changing my power...
  38. sakshym

    [SOLVED] two fans on top in nzxt h510 elite

    hey i wanted to ask that there were 2 fans that came with my nzxt elite, and similar two fans came with my kraken aio cooler. now i have attached one of the cooler fans on top of the nzxt elite case the other one is useless though. so can i put that fan in the top as well between the space of...
  39. D

    Question Screws won't fit into motherboard shroud to screw into standoffs

    I have the Pure Base 500DX case and the NZXT N7 Z490 motherboard and I'm trying to install the motherboard but the screws aren't fitting through the shroud that's on the motherboard. The problem is that the screws fit perfectly when screwed directly into the standoffs and they fit just as well...
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Is 240mm rad ok for 3900X

    I am doing a rebuild into a smaller case. And I’ll be using a different AIO. I’m using a NZXT z53 AIO which is 240mm. Will this work ok for a Ryzen 3900X? Parts Asus Rog crosshair VIII formula mobo RYZEN 3900X STRIX 3090 6 SL 120’s LIAN LI Casefans 2 SL 140’s LIAN LI case fans 32 go of...