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  1. nebulaaa

    [SOLVED] Muffled audio when recording games or desktop

    Okay, so when I got my PC I started using Geforce experience to clip and record whenever I play games, but then one day randomly when I listened back to the recording I realized that it sounded a bit off, I recorded a few more times and I realized that the audio sounds very muffled or just low...
  2. de1kamaster

    [SOLVED] streaming games

    sup, is my pc/network good enough to stream some games like cs or lol? i5 6500, gtx 960, 8gb ram 100mbps download 20mbps upload on what quality/bitrate could i stream if its even possible? or what should i upgrade?
  3. R

    Question OBS: dropped frames due to rtmp 1935 port blocked by my router!!!1

    i want to stream on youtube Whenever i stream through my ROUTER- iball WRB333N i get dropped frames But when i bypass the router no dropped frames ez stream the rtmp 1935 port is blocked by my router as i checked the port status online do i have to buy a new router??? PLZZ replyyy any help...