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  1. C

    Question Lost internet connection - Cant get IP address from DHCP server

    Windows 10 PC. Using wired ethernet connection to home cable modem - dynamic IP. motherboard is Asus B550M-Plus All was working fine. I downloaded NetLimiter 4.0 to try out the product. It worked fine (although did crash my computer 2-3x when playing around with it). But all was fine...
  2. imadarshkmr

    Question Stuck at Obtaining IP Address, Not able to assign an IP address to my access point

    I have 11 router setups configured at my home as it is a multi-floor building. All my secondary routers (10 ) are configured as AP ( DHCP off and Static IP is given to each router ) which are then connected to a single Giga switch and the switch is connected to the main router. I have around...