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    Question Restart loop after installing gpu driver.

    Hi everyone, Recently my Sapphire r9 270x Toxic 2GB OC Edition not working properly. The problem : OS (Win 10) goes into restart loop after installing graphics driver. What i have done so far : So i uninstall Graphics driver using DDU while on safe mode. Then restarted my pc and GPU works...
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    [SOLVED] reflashed gpu bios, now my pc isn't working

    I got an error 43 on my gpu after a blackout. Then I reflashed the bios doing exactly what a bunch of videos told me too, the software told me to restart the pc i clicked yes and they did restart it, problem is now my pc is on but my monitor is not getting a signal from my pc.
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    i5 3570k with 212 evo temps

    Sup all, With a CM Hyper 212 evo i get 50-52c max @ idle !! id like to OC it in the near future, my questions are: is it too high ? Is it the chip ? or just too much thermal paste ? ... Heres i a screenshot i took with HWmonitor Tnx in advance guys. I appriciate the help ^^