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Forum discussion tagged with Oculus.
  1. BobMcSmith

    [SOLVED] Interface not working after moving computer

    Hello! I had temporarily moved my computer (for a vr test) , and didn't bring my interface with, and now, after moving back to my original spot, my interface is no longer detected by my computer. I've tried reinstalling audio drivers and the like, but to no avail. i5-7600k H170 PRO GAMING GTX...
  2. HarryGRGamer

    [SOLVED] is VR worth it with my specs or should I upgrade first?

    Hello. I'm thinking about buying a VR Headset I'm between buying a used Oculus CV1 from ebay or an Oculus Quest from Amazon. I'm wondering if I could run games alright with my specs that I have right now or if I should spend my saved money better on a new GPU or RAM, I've read that Oculus has...
  3. T

    Looking to upgrade to a better laptop (MSI GL75?) for VR gaming (Half Life Alyx) -

    I currently have a 15inch Gigabyte AERO 15X with a 1070 Max Q. It's ok for things like Job Simulator, but really struggles to run Half Life. I'm looking to replace this laptop, hoping to spend under $2000. I have an Oculus Rift S which requires either a DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort (also...
  4. D

    Question RX5600 XT & Oculus Link

    Hi all, I recently got an Oculus quest and in order to fully utilize both the headset and my computer I attempted to use Oculus Link, a wired way to utilize your computers GPU in the Quest. When I plug it in and enable everything it takes me to the Rift home where it a banner pops up saying I...
  5. S

    Question ASRock z390 extreme4 USB 3.0 issue with Oculus Rift CV1

    I am having a similar issue but mine is more random and happens more with the extension cable I am having trouble with my Oculus Rift CV1. I cannot get the 2 sensors and the headset to use USB 3.0. It randomly switches between USB 2 and USB 3 randomly, sometimes disconnecting all together...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Peripherals and Monitors blink in and out when i plug my Oculus in

    I doubt this is a power supply issue so I am posting this here My Setup: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cGYjb8 Recently moved and when i got my station setup i moved on to setting up my 2 Oculus sensors. after that and plugging in my headset i noticed one of my monitors blink on and off for a...
  7. M

    Question Active USB 3.0 cable not working

    Hello together, I recently bought an active USB 3.0 extension cable to power my Oculus Rift Sensors. (Link) Now that I tested the cable I found out it wont work. I plugged it into an external power supply but oculus and other software tells me that the device is operating at USB 2.0 speeds...
  8. HarryGRGamer

    Question Is there a difference between cheap and expensive PCIe USB 3.0 extension cards

    PC Specs I7-3770 (non k) GTX 970 8GB DDR3 1600mhz ASUS P861 LX3 PLUS R2.0 Hello there! I've been thinking recently about buying an Oculus CV1 through eBay (Oculus sadly doesn't ship to Greece) because I think it will be a reasonably good first experience. I've searched a lot of forums already...
  9. Iniaskle

    Question Need advice about valve index and rift s.

    Hi! I have PSVR because at the time I bought it, I didn't have a good enough pc to run VR. Now I really love VR but PSVR is just not really good compared to any PCVR. There are a few reasons why I should get a Rift S or Valve Index. I will write the pros and cons of each headset so I can get...
  10. T

    Question Should I buy the Oculus Rift S or Quest?

    I've been looking to buy a VR system this Christmas and I've been doing lots of research on which one of these systems I should get. Here are a few things that could help: I want to be able to use VR both wireless and wired to connect to a PC, I have a high end PC that can handle VR great (i7...
  11. T

    Question Oculus Rift S, jittering/graphic issues. How to fix?

    Hi guys and girls. The oculus rift S is know to be a little jittering due to some anti aliassing or texture problems. In het game Arizona Sunsine it is really bad and al the shadows and edges are 'walking/jittering/flashing'. But i have that problem also in the main menu of the oculus. I made...
  12. M

    Question fixed

    So, I updated my GIGABYTE motherboard BIOS for compatibility for a PCI-E USB 3.0 that I had just put into the motherboard (that the motherboard was not detecting...?) so that I could use my Oculus Rift S (I had Etron USB 3.0 before, which is not supported by the Rift S) Anyways, every time I...
  13. D

    Question Using a DVI-D Dual-to-Displayport Adapter for 1920*1080@144hz

    My Graphics Card has one Displayport 1.4, one, one HDMI 2.0 and one DVI-D Dual port. I am planning to buy an Oculus Rift S, for which I will need that one Display Port, but I don't want to sacrifice my monitors framerate or resolution. Yet that monitor has only two ports, one Displayport 1.2 and...
  14. V

    Question Quick question

    Hi, I bought the RTX 2060 some time ago, and I see that when I for example play Beat Saber on my PC with this GPU on Oculus Rift, it doesn't lag at all, but when I try to record/stream when I play Beat Saber, It lags like crazy! So is it the GPU I have to upgrade to not make it lag so much or...
  15. H

    Question Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift?

    I have a good gaming PC, so what are the pros of buying the Oculus Quest instead of the Oculus Rift? Which should I buy and why?
  16. C

    Question need a new card to run vr

    currently have a cheap setup runs with a rx560 needs to upgrade to run vr what's a good card that can be paired to my PC CPU is AMD ryzen 3 2300x quad core processor core clock is at 1196mhz and monitor is off my TV so its 1080 but dont know if the vr needs 4k or something new to vr it's the...
  17. Discussion Community Questions: On the Road to VR

    With upcoming releases from Oculus, and fresh competition—yes, of course I’m talking about the Valve Index—the state of VR hardware is as vibrant as ever. Since the Oculus Rift came out for consumers 3 years ago headsets, controllers, and GPUs have all improved. While the latest hardware is not...
  18. kcarbotte

    Question Oculus Quest Review: VR Just Ditched The PC

    The Oculus Quest could be the device that turns the VR market around and attracts the masses. It’s basically a game console built into a headset, done right. Oculus Quest Review: VR Just Ditched The PC : Read more
  19. Coltin S

    Question VGA monitor suddenly reads "No VGA Cable"

    As said in the title, my VGA capabilities suddenly ceased to work on my monitor. I had recently gotten an adapter to connect my VGA monitor to my DVI graphics card. Once I plugged it in and turned on the PC, everything was working perfectly. Then, I went to plug in my Oculus Rift into the HDMI...
  20. R

    Question Bad GTX 1060 Performance in VR

    I bought an Oculus 5 Months ago, and it's been working all fine with my Laptop until now. Today I only got about 20 to 30 FPS in every Game and the Tracking was not working every now and then. But my GPU usage is always at about 30 percent. I don´t know what´s the reason for that Problem, I´ve...