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  1. Discussion ODROID-C4: A New Competitor Emerges

    Just launched: https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-c4/ Specs: Amlogic S905X3 SoC 4x A55 cores 512 KB L3 cache Mali-G32 MP2 GPU (x4 EE) @ 650 Mhz HDMI 2.0 (4K @ 60 Hz w/ HDR, CEC, and EDID) 4 GB DDR4 (32-bit @ 1320 MHz) eMMC UHS-1 SD card 4x USB 3.0; 1x USB 2.0 OTG Gigabit Ethernet Power...
  2. editor1

    Question What should I do about cleaning network ?

    Hi I had a home invasion and no items stolen. There was evidence that the person sat down in pc chair. My acct's have been messed with. I keep all of my accts and passwords on a text file. So its either data theft or keyloggers. I have OMV NAS(Odroid SBC), 2 tablets, mifi Router(at&t cellular...
  3. editor1

    Question HELP Home invasion possibly a security breach

    HI I woke up to seeing all kinds of dirt under desk wear pc is. Door open. But no items stolen. I have ran a few antimalware scanners and installed avg on my desktop after the advent. I will in a few secs live boot some malware scanners and safe mode scan's. I want to cheek and see if pension...
  4. editor1

    [SOLVED] running OMV on a VM ?

    Hi I have a odroid xu4 ARM cpu singelboard pc. I want to run android or ubuntu and OMV. Any 1 know of a VM app for ARM OS's ?
  5. Ninjamilez

    [Quick Question] Does PSU efficiency dramatically affect mild overclocking?

    The title is self-explanatory. Thanks, Miles.