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  1. B

    Question Will my build survive G9 odyssey?

    CPU: Intel 3600x GPU: ASUS OC 5700XT Motherboard: MSI BF-450 Gaming Ram: Trident 32gb ddr4 Hi super techies, You probably wondering why.. but I'm planning to get the Samsung G9 Odyssey monitor. I don't really play demanding games, but not sure if I will. Mainly the monitor is for my to do my...
  2. King Wesley

    [SOLVED] Samsung Chg90 upgrade?

    So I know Samsung had released the odyssey line(I’d be going for the G9) but as far as I know they had issues and were recalled. I really love my chg90 and can’t imagine ever going back to a more standard size monitor. But I have a pretty beefy system so it’d be nice to have a higher refresh...
  3. D

    Question should i switch my triple screen setup with a ultra wide ?

    Ok so this is my question i am currently runing , 3 displays asus rog PG258Q(24"), 240hz, will moving to a ultra wide samsung g9 will be worth it ? or worse? The screen 'real estate' i get with 3 monitors is around 72", and seprating the 'work' releated windows is pretty easy with 3...