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  1. C

    Question Lenovo V50t Gen2-13IOB - 11QE: is there any restrictions on gpu upgrades?

    Hi! I bought a Lenovo v50t gen 2 11qe a few months ago, and recently added some noctua fans and a 380w psu. Next, i wanted to put a graphics card in it-particularly the rtx 3050 6gb that recently came out-since it comes in lp and is only 75 watts. However a few other forums on here stated...
  2. crossram07

    Question What's the best GPU I can put in a PC which has a 380w platinum rated PSU ?

    Hi! I have a Lenovo V50T Gen 2 PC, and im looking to upgrade it to be at least decent for gaming. One problem, the highest wattage psu i can put in it is a 380w since no unofficial ones have 10 pin mobo connectors-and the form factor of the pc wont allow any other psu. My specs are: a...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Understanding OEM licences and reinstalling

    Hey Guys Might be silly, but I'm confused with how Microsoft now does Windows (Download tools) give me a disk, USB and sticker on the case any day. Situation I brought a 2ed laptop ( keeping 1st Windows 10) and would like to use other for Ubuntu but... before doing that I'd like to make a...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 Home without being tied to Microsoft account

    I've read it's possible to install Windows 11 via boot medium USB/DVD and you can actually run it with some limitations like the watermark and some customization. I intend to create a local account NOT a Microsoft user account. And I will go as far as having the ethernet cable unplugged during...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Laptop OEM Drivers

    What is the best way to install Laptop drivers after clean windows installation? Nowadays windows install all drivers automatically during or right after the windows installation or first boot up (when laptop/pc is connected to internet). So there is two ways to install OEM drivers and I want to...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Activation lost when upgrading to Windows 11

    Hi, I was using Windows 10 Home activated with an OEM license, I no longer have the product key but it was automatically activated everytime I did a new install. I did a fresh new install for Windows 11 Home and it didn't activate automatically so I went back to Windows 10 Home in order to keep...
  7. W

    [SOLVED] Dell Memory Upgrade - OEM vs Crucial

    I was looking at memory upgrades for my Dell XPS 8940. A 16 GB stick from Dell is $181.00. What appears to be a comparable 16 GB stick from Crucial is $57.99. Am I missing something here? Is there some difference that I'm not aware of? I realize that you expect a markup from an OEM label...
  8. HarryGRGamer

    [SOLVED] (5.1) USB Sound-Card vs PCIE Sound-Card

    Hello! So I have some old-ish LG speakers a subwoofer and a DAC (amplifier) however I never thought about doing a 5.1 surround sound setup on my room with my PC because mainly I didn't knew how I got the gist of it however I'm in between buying a cheap USB OEM Sound Card (around 20 dollars) or...
  9. jamesem

    Question i5 2400 Low Power Draw (Dell Vostro 260)

    I recently purchased a Dell Vostro 260 from ebay with the intent of turning it into a cheap HTPC. However, even with all of the high performance settings enabled in windows, the CPU's power draw will never pass 45W. The TDP of the chip is 95W so is it power throttling? The temps have never...
  10. ef14

    [SOLVED] GTX 950 OEM question:

    So i recently bought a second hand GTX 950 OEM that was originally intended in an Acer Predator G3-710. Now, ever since it arrived i've had issue after issue with it, there doesn't seem to be any physical damage and the card is the real thing, but it seems to have a BIOS that's very unique, i...
  11. missiondrago1

    [SOLVED] Switched to B450 motherboard, didn't need to reinstall windows??

    Specs: CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 3600 MB: MSI B450 PRO VDH-MAX GPU: RADEON RX 5700 XT Recently, i upgraded from intel i7 6700 to AMD ryzen 5 3600, switched the motherboard to a B450 Pro VDH-Max, and got the rx 5700 xt gpu. After installing the hardware, my computer went to a black screen with text...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] OEM DVD with New Product Key

    So i bought a Windows 10 OEM DVD when i did my build. My Question is i am building another computer for my parents and this time i just bought a product key to save money on the build and i want to know can i Reuse the DVD and just enter the new product key? TIA
  13. I

    [SOLVED] Can I migrate Windows 10 system disk to a different OEM Windows licence?

    My PC motherboard just died, with what I believe was an OEM Windows 10 licence on it. I want to migrate the drives and ideally the whole Windows 10 setup (including apps and settings) to my new machine, which will also have an OEM Windows 10 Licence on it. I believe that if I simply plug the old...
  14. Insane Potatoz

    [SOLVED] OEM vs Retail?

    I know this is a question asked a lot, but I still don't get it. I'm building a new PC for my mom so she can get rid of the old first-gen windows 7 desktop that she has now. I've seen OEM keys on Newegg and stuff and I've seen just plain Windows 10 home directly from Microsoft for $140. What's...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] Need Help Zotac GTX 1080 OEM Should I buy?

    Hi Guys I am getting a very good deal in my country for GTX 1080. The seller is advertising it as Zotac OEM card and giving 24 months warranty. I am not sure if I should go for it. I also have 14 days no question ask to return. Just wondering if this will be really a GTX 1080, is it worth it...
  16. B

    Question ASRock Motherboard - Keyboard/Mouse Works in BIOS, But Not in Windows?

    So earlier I was using a laptop which had OEM Windows 7. Now I built a new PC with everything new except HDD which i migrated from my old laptop. This HDD already has pre-installed previous OEM Windows 7. Now my keyboard, mouse works in n BIOS but doesnt work when windows start. Is it because...
  17. ChaoticAvenger

    [SOLVED] Lenovo IdeaCentre K330-7727 upgrade advice

    Recently acquired one of these for a media/home role and was wondering if anyone knew what GPU I could put into it, since I've got a dead end on any upgradability, as it's OEM. specs are on the 2nd imgur link. Probably going to replace the PSU with a 400-500w. Didn't come with the gpu, but i'm...
  18. ZNS57

    Question Changing Computer components on an Alienware Tower

    Hello, This is my first post and I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to change a power button out and a usb hub out on my Alienware desktop tower? My goal is to hide the tower away in a computer desk but still have the usb ports and power buttons available to use just mounted...
  19. Pedro Gonçalves

    [SOLVED] Which graphics card can I put there?

    I wanna put a rx 560 in LENOVO Ideacenter 510-15ICB (oem computer, search for it) and i don't know if the power supply supports it. Hope someone can help me.
  20. Pedro Gonçalves

    [SOLVED] What should i do?

    I have a oem pc and a 180 watts power supply and I want to upgrade my graphics card (gt 730) to a rx 560. What should I do?
  21. noobofnoobs

    Question Windows 7 Professional

    This might be a dumb question but a friend of mine gave me a key for windows 7 professional OEM. But i have no idea if that key is for a 32 bit or 64 bit. Is there a way to find out what it is exactly, or does it support both ? I've installed a program called Microsoft PID checker to see if the...
  22. A

    Question OEM System Power 9

    FSP or HEC?
  23. K

    Question what errors should i expect to run into if i install non OEM windows on a computer which previously had a OEM installation?

    Long story short i bought a new "demo" pc, which had some problems. Would get bluescreens often aswell as bluescreen while trying to format or boot from usb. Tried formating ssd in another pc, generalized it then transfered it to my new pc. Windows is still not booting and this is just one of...
  24. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] Thinking of upgrading my CPU, Not sure what to do.

    Hello! Before i get into my title, I wanted to say that i'm a student and with no job (yet) and want to upgrade my CPU on the cheaper side without having to switch out my motherboard or ram. Right now i have a "Phenom II X4 840T " Its unlocked from 4 cores to 6 cores with 3.24ghz overclocked...
  25. Netherzapdos12

    Question Question about updating GPUs

    So i'm getting a new GPU that can run triple A games and i'm honestly pretty new to 1080p gaming. Of course with this upgrade i'm gonna have to take care of it and make it last as long as possible. Updating the GPU will have to come sooner or later, so i'd like to ask if its better to update the...
  26. X

    [SOLVED] Can I reuse my 2 SSD's on my new build if I had OEM windows 10?

    Hello everyone, I want to build a new pc. In my current pc I have two SSD's both are 250GB. One has an OEM version of Windows 10 and some other random stuff.. The other one has only games on it. I want to order the new parts online the I was wondering if I could reuse both of my SSD's or...
  27. M

    Question Help finding a motherboard for this Xeon

    So I got a Xeon E5 2696 v4, and surprisingly there's almost no info about it. Hell - it doesn't even have a product page on Intel's site. I have been wanting to build a PC with this for a while now, but just hadn't gotten up to it until now. I'm really confused because apparently I'm supposed to...
  28. C

    Question GTX 1050ti OEM

    Are there really cards like GTX 1050ti OEM, because I saw one it's very cheap he also said it came from an OEM PC and the brand of the card is ECS GTX 1050ti, are there any downsides? Thanks for future inputs
  29. J

    Question am i able to switch core 2 duo e8500 with a quad core?

    am i able to switch core 2 duo e8500 with a quad core on an hp compaq 8000 elite? im just wondering if its possible to do that
  30. T

    [SOLVED] What do I need to do before upgrading my motherboard?

    I'm sure you guys get this question a lot so bear with me: I'm upgrading my Gigabyte H100M-S2H to a Aorus B450 M and I'm upgrading my i5 6400 to a R5 2600. What do I need to do before performing the hardware swap? I mean, driver-wise, also how can I do a fresh install of Windows with an OEM...
  31. MuttonChew

    Question OEM Installation Query

    Hey guys, Recently bought a Lenovo Ultrabook used from a pawn shop, only later to find out that the copy of windows on the machine is not able to be activated. I believe it was lost somewhere along the way as the shop formatted the machine for sale (possibly an OEM copy from Lenovo that expired...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] want to upgrade to a ssd how do i transfer the oem key?

    so i want to upgrade my laptop from a hard disk to a ssd and want to know if my device will still be activated if i somehow install windows 10 in the ssd and format the hard disk or will i have to take any additional steps? if so what are those?
  33. T

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision M6700 bluetooth cable

    I have just bought a Dell Precision M6700.. Its an older laptop but its a nice powerful laptop for developing purposes. Anyhow, I decided to try and get the bluetooth option, since it did not come with it. I bought the bluetooth card from parts-people. This was a link directly from Dell. It came...
  34. C

    Question What cpu coolers are compatible with HP compaq elite 8100 SFF motherboard?

    Hi, I'm trying to build a super cheap LGA 1156 barebones PC. Here is what I purchased so far: HP compaq elite 8100 sff motherboard intel core i3-550 HP compaq elite sff power supply 8GB ddr3 1600Mhz low density non ECC RAM Hp compaq elite sff power switch 1TB hitachi 3.5" HDD (Will be mounted...
  35. B

    Question Upgrade without losing software

    I have an old Dell PC that runs an older commercial vinyl cutter. The cutter is a high quality Graphtec and in great shape, but PC is old. The cutter runs off a parallel port and the cutter software is no longer supported. It has Windows XP Professional - Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz 2.99 GHz...
  36. J

    Question After Intallation of New Graphics card Computer randomly freezes on first boot

    As posted in the title, after I bought the new graphics card, on first boot the computer boots fine to windows you can use it for a bit but then BOOM!! it freezes and then i have hit the reset button and after i reset it, its fine after no freezing or any issues for the whole day maybe weeks...
  37. I

    [SOLVED] Is this cpu compatuble with this motherboard?

    Hi, I want to know if the AMD Athlon X4 950 is compatible with the Gigabyte B450M SH2. Thanks.
  38. G

    [SOLVED] C drive not always found at start up

    for the last 4-5 weeks I have frequently had my win 10 desktop fail to boot. I get a flashing _ sign in top left of screen. It usually does start on the 2nd or 3 rd attempt but yesterday I spent half an hour trying before it finally started. Could it be my 5 year old 250GB SSD is on the way out...
  39. D

    [SOLVED] Fibre optic LAN for gaming club

    I'm opening a PC gaming club which will have 14 gaming PCs setup for online gaming. I was wondering whether it would be wise to install a fibre optic LAN to avoid LAN bandwidth issues if I'm lucky enough to fill all the PCs at once. Any advice would be appreciated. A sneak peak at the design of...
  40. I

    [SOLVED] PC suddenly died

    Hello, My PC died suddenly. I played Skyrim last night and when I turned it on today, it showed no sign of life. I took it out and tested the PSU. I guess the PSU is ok because I connected the green and the black wires of the connector and the fan was working. I think it might be the motherboard...