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  1. D

    Forced windows update

    I want to know if it is possible to manually choose when to download the updates instead of being forced to , i dont know how to set my connection to "metered" as mentioned in the picture https://www.gulf-up.com/04-2018/1524658990431.jpg Please help
  2. Echoceres

    Which 144hz to buy?

    Im buying a shop near me here is the shop link. http://dynaquestpc.com/?s=144&post_type=product&paged=1&post_type=product Please suggest me the best one you can find there. Its hard to find other products in the philippines so please dont suggest other monitor. Prices are on PHP(50PHP =...
  3. J

    looking an either way to sign in

    Looking for an alternative to sign in using windows 10 when the arrow not responding while showing me just a sign in
  4. P

    Finding Printscreens on Windows 10

    Finding Previous Printscreens on Windows 10 I inadvertently did another two copying to clipboard after I did a printscreen I really wanted to keep. Is there any way to find it. I tried to open paint, but only one, the most recent, copied item was there. Ditto for trying to do it in PowerPoint...
  5. R

    How to Upgrade

    I have an older alienware laptop (M17 not the M17X) and want to start upgrading it (more financially reasonable than spending $5000 - $6000 on a new one). My question is this, can I upgrade individual components and if so which parts can be upgraded and what parts cant be?
  6. 1

    Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 Gb LAN maxxes out at 100mbps

    Hi everyone. I've just recently come into need of high speed transfer since I work with files from my NAS so I haven't noticed this problem before. I've searched everywhere for a solution but couldn't find one, so I'm turning to you here. I have a Gigabyte ga-x79-ud3 rev 1.0 mobo with what...
  7. E

    Is this hard drive noise normal?

    Lately, my 3-year-old mechanical hard drive has been louder than it usually is. You can hear the sound it's been making more often here: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0aBAdQnIQaX You may need to turn up your speakers to fully hear it. Nothing is running in the background that would cause the...
  8. S

    Discord lowering FPS in games?

    So recently I’ve been noticing that whenever I’m playing games with friends, my FPS drops quite a bit. One game in particular is Fortnite, in which the FPS drops 20-30 frames from my usual 90 FPS when I’m playing alone. No matter what I do, turned down the graphics; no difference, reinstalled...
  9. L

    How can I improve my PC?

    Hello, I have a desktop PC which was a Xmas gift to replace my ageing laptop. The specifications are as follows: OPERATING SYSTEM - Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU - AMD A4-6300 RAM - 8GB MOTHERBOARD - ASUS A68HM-K (FM2+) GRAPHICS - AMD Radeon HD 8370D STORAGE - Seagate ST1000DM 010-2EP102 (SATA)...
  10. S

    will this headset work on discord to talk to people??

    does anyone know if the afterglow ag9 wireless gaming headset works on discord? heres the link to the headset i am talking about: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/5015306
  11. D

    The best psw for gtx960 g1 gaming

    I need a good psw. Is enought for my system? I planed for a corsair vs450w My system is. Pentium g4560 Msi h110m gaming 8gb ram crucial 2400mhz ddr4 And gtx960 g1 gaming 4gb
  12. G

    Seeking Advice For New Laptop

    Based on suggestion, revising post to reflect updated information. I've had pc towers my whole life. I own/run two websites... looking for a laptop to replace my current rig. 1. Budget: Can go up to 3K... perhaps a little more for the right setup 2. Screen-Size: 15" & Higher 3. Screen...
  13. A

    Would this ram work with my motherboard.

    Hi guys I was looking at buying the G.SKILL Sniper X Series 32GB DDR4 3600 but wanted to know if it would work in my asrock z370 killer motherboard? I check the memory compatibility list and it’s not on there just like a lot of the new ram out. The list they have is old but the ram says it works...
  14. T

    Wondering if this is doable - google doc/sheet question

    Hi everyone, So I received a google doc/sheet, pdf format sent to me attached and it's my work I've been collabing on and this morning I looked at the pdf and by comparison, it changed tonight as I looked at it. My question is can the person who sent you this google doc/sheet, pdf made change...
  15. DutchMike

    I7 4790k Manual Lower Voltage - Good Temperatures?

    Howdy great peeps, I ran some tests with Prime 95 26.6 on my I7 4790k (4.0 Ghz), I found that the temperatures were a bit high (78c), on a Vcore voltage of 1.208. After browsing online, I gave a shot at giving it a Vcore voltage of 1.000 (1.016), I've been running Prime 95 for 5 hours now and...
  16. V

    Psu Wires Burnt is it safe to boot

    Hey guys I was trying to start my 5 year old pc it had been sitting for 1 year ,when I tried to start it I saw smoke from the HDD and found that the wire from psu that were connected to HDD were burnt I don't need that HDD but I wanted to boot into the bios,Will it be safe to just remove my...
  17. A

    Facing problem in editing audio

    I merged several audio tracks in sony vegas 13 and grouped them but when i open them in the preferred audio editor,only the selected audio gets exported.What should i do to edit all the audio tracks at once?

    i have a free synch monitor, if i choose nvidia will i miss the free synch

    gsync is just far to expensive but was wondering since i have a free sync monitor if i choose nvidia will i really miss much like is having g sync or free sync a must have feature
  19. H

    R9 280X Anti Aliasing blur

    Hello guys, I have problem with my r9 280x which makes my games blur and ugly when i turn on ANTI-ALIASING in Gta v, The witcher 3, pubg, finalfantasy XV, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Final fantasy 12, mostly in every games i played, except for csgo and dota. My specs: GPU: Sapphire...
  20. G

    Thermaltake Announces View 37 Case With Gull-Wing Window

    Thermaltake announced a new mid-tower case, the View 37, with a curved, single-piece window that spans from the side to the top of the case. Thermaltake Announces View 37 Case With Gull-Wing Window : Read more