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    Cpu red light problem

    I turned on my system unit, it showed some of the system specs like ram capacity and shit, then turned off. I tried it again, it loaded to the desktop environment, then tuned of again. And it has been doing this way since. And there is the issue of red light, sometimes blinking but most times...
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    Teamviewer causes BSOD when initiating connection

    My PC started giving a BSOD at the end of last year when I tried to connect to another one of my computers or phones and vice versa. It had worked fine for years on both windows 7 and windows 10. I have tried versions 11 - 13. When I install Teamviewer it works fine. However after I close...
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    NOOB CPU Power Port Question

    New to assembling computers and I have a question regarding the motherboard cpu power port...running an fx4300 on a 970a-ud3p....the psu has two cpu four wire plugs and I know that I have to plug at least one into the board but will both plugged in damage anything? Thanks!
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    Asus ROG GL752VW Battery Problem

    So my friends laptop the ROG GL752VW has a strange battery problem, his laptop is staying on 1% despite attempts to fix that problem and whenever he pulls out his charging cord the laptop crashes Thanks for answering
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    Sata 2 motherboard connected with a sata 3 ssd

    So my dad has an old pic with a sata 2 connection on the mobo and it boots really slowly so he wanted to install an SSD can I just install any ssd? Or do I need something specific
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    good cpu mobo combo

    I have an old system wich i started upgrading some time ago. now its time to change the cpu and motherboardand ram. my setup at the moment is : psu: be quiet dark power 11 1000w cpu amd fx8350 (upgrade) Mobo:asrock extreme 3 990fx (upgrade) cpu cooler: cooler master seidon 120 ram : kingston...
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    Does this wireless router exist?

    Hello fellow Tom's, My home network needs to get built. Besides the home servers, I need a firewall and wireless router. The new wireless routers come with firewall features but I've already decided on using a custom created Pfsense with two ethernet ports. It will take care of Natting, DHCP...
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    Cannot boot from usb on ASUS Prime B350-Plus Motherboard

    Hello, you geniuses of the forums. Of course I'm here because I need your help. I recently replaced my old Gigabyte motherboard with a newer ASUS Prime B350-Plus board and a Ryzen 7 1700 cpu and installation went fine. everything booted up as normal. But I ran into an issue where there is a...
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    Will there be enough space for the ram?

    I am making a PC with these items. Chasis : Corsair 460x Mother Board : Asrock Z370 Taichi CPU Cooler : NZXT Kraken X52 RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB My Question is, If I install the Cooler system under the Roof of the chasis (later need them for RGB ), will...
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    Asrock AB350Prp4 & Ryzen 5 2400

    I just setup a build as described.. Had to make some 'Magic' to update bios from P.2.60 to 4.60 but the motherboard didn'd see she Samsung 960 Evo M.2 except after phisically removing and placing it again. I luckily solved the problem by upgrading the Bios tu the 4,63 Beta version...
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    Will old psu work with newer system?

    Hello, I was given a system from a friend and had originally just stripped the ram and gfx card and added them to my current pc. His motherboard and processor are better than mine and i was mostly being lazy on swaping things out and having to reinstall windows. (I5 760 to i5 4570 with newer...
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    Gaming laptop help

    mx150 4gb + i5-8250u vs i5-7300hq + gtx 1050 (both laptops have 8gb RAM)