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    Question INSTALLING new GPU gives me a black screen

    Hello, I am installing a GPU into an office PC for a quick, easy, and cheap build, but when i plug it in all i get is a black screen. (Im assuming since the graphic drivers are not installed) Im not sure what to do, any suggestions? Thanks, Spencer
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    Question Can you upgrade motherboards in an office PC?

    I was thinking about getting a dell optiplex 790 minitower and was wondering if I could get a AM4 motherboard to put in it to increase the upgradeability. Would this work or should I get something like a second gen i7?
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    [SOLVED] Need Advice for Office PC Build

    So i want to build for my office pc with use for editing image(PS) , browser(8+ tabs open) , text editor, vcloudpoint(5 client) server. I got 2 build Either Amd Ryzen 5 2400g or I5 8400. If you have other build suggest please share. Thanks Intel Build: Intel Core i5-8400 ASRock B360 Pro4...
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    A10 5800K Cooling, Simple Question...

    Okay, A10 5800K, had it for two years, three questions. Any reliable programs to monitor the APU temps, as it is a GPU and CPU? I have HWinfo64 and I see a few different CPU temps, CPU temp, CPU temp 0, etc. Which one do I go by? Won't my system shut down if it gets over a certain temp...
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    Sata drives only recognized for short time after power on

    I apologize in advance for the mistakes I'll make, being not english. Recently, while I was playing a game, windows crashed into a BSOD and rebooted, giving me the "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" error. If I reboot the pc after...