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  1. markofiu

    Question Offset kinda settings on Gigabyte mobo?

    Hey. I saw a video of an offset voltage setting, that with that setting you can run your cpu about 65C instead of 80-85C while stress testing. He did that with an Asus mobo. I'm kinda curious that is there a setting like that in Gigabyte mobos as well just under an other name? Or is that fine if...
  2. M

    Core 2 Quad into unsupported LGA 775 motherboard

    I'm planning to buy an LGA 775 motherboard off ebay for my Core2Quad Q6600, but all the low-end OEMs I can find seem to only officially support Pentiums or Celerons. Here is an example: Would it still work, or what motherboard can I get?
  3. J

    Crazy CPU usage

    Hey there. I'm having trouble on my laptop. Recently I fixed up an old laptop and everything, seems to be ok apart from one thing, and that's my CPU usage. It's spiking through the roof from 10% - 70%+ nearly every 20 seconds. This seems to be directly related my my FPS drop when playing games...