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    Question Maintaining a 13 yr old desktop

    Currently running a Dell Precision T7400 I got used for $200 a few years ago; has been working well since then aside from a few memory sticks burning out intermittently (most have been replaced; currently at 12Gb 6x2 DDR2). However, this rig hates losing power and tends to act up if booted...
  2. A

    Question Recommended LGA775 cpu for video editing

    Hi there, I currently have a pretty old system which has an lga 775 socket with a pentium e5700 dual-core processor at 3ghz attached to it. As said in the title i would like to upgrade my cpu to better handle video editing, but i currently dont have the budget to upgrade my motherboard so i...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Will adding an SSD to an old PC improve it's performance

    Hi, I am a newbie to computer hardware. I have the following system (old one, built in 2010-11) Intel Dual core E5400 2.7GHz Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard 4GB DDR3 800MHz RAM 500GB HDD No graphics card. Windows 7 ultimate I am into WordPress & PHP website development and my typical...
  4. VortexDecoded

    [SOLVED] What Could Be The Issue With My Dos Build

    Let Me Start Off With The Specs: Motherboard: Intel An430TX CPU: Pentium 200 MMX PSU: Some old 300W, I know its old because it has a floppy 4 pin linked up with the 4 pins Molex GPU: I Don't Know buddy sold it to me, came out of an IBM but it works Sound card: Same Deal^ RAM: 128MB PC100...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] CPU or GPU upgrade - "older" build

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble figuring out the most effective upgrade I can invest in. Planning to do the update this month, and have approx. $4-500 for it. Currently, I have the following: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 @ 3.50 Ghz GPU: ASUS Radeon R9 270X They are on an ASUS B85-PRO GAMER...
  6. kintaro_takanori

    Question Is my System dead because i use the wrong PSU?

    hello world i have an older system i wanted to rebuild with newer hardware. it haz 2 xeon processors and an old gtx gpu and some old ram sticks. nothing fancy. so after couple weeks and a forum post later i now have my third PSU installed. a corsair RM 850x with 2 CPU connectors obviously. i...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Best GPU for an AMD Phenom X3 8650

    Hi I'm building a rig with old components i live in Ecuador and Is really expensive to buy technology here. So my MSI k9a2 platinum died and i bought a gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p for my AMD Phenom X3 8650 and i need a GPU that doesn't bottleneck with these CPU i apreciate any suggestions
  8. N

    Budget Work PC

    Hey guys, My friend asked me if I could upgrade his PC for him. Just the CPU and Motherboard. I am having trouble deciding between these two: Intel Pentium G3258 AMD A6 6400K They are both about the same price but the AMD has a higher clock speed... By the way it's not for gaming... he does...